Mac Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan


Bright and early I got my Mac fixed and ordered from the Bao Bao Wan collection. I just had to get the “mystery” lipsticks,that some how made their way to the Mac site unexpectedly, causing a uproar and increasing the pocket of the Mac sellers. Now I must say, yes, I was upset that I couldn’t get the beautiful lavender lipstick and completely forgot about it,until the video that came with the launch of Japanese designer Bao Bao Wan collab with Mac Cosmetics. If you were lucky you know from experience to stalk Mac’s site bright and early or start the night before because Mac is NOTORIOUS about launching collections,preferably in demand or anticipated ones very early.
I ordered two lipsticks, which is my usual. The first lipstick which is called ” Romantic Breakdown” is a very pretty peach pink and a lustre. Putting this lipstick over peachstock would be great.  I’m not a fan of lustre,but is great for those who don’t like lipstick and for preteens who aren’t allowed to wear lipstick but can still get a hint of color.
The second and most anticipated lipstick that I know sold out fast was “Lavender Bloom” it is a pretty lavender color.  It comes in matte which is my favorite lipstick. Since it is sold out online and probably in most stores I have pictured above a few dupes. The closer to “Lavender Bloom” is the Wet n Wild lip pencil and it is also a matte. The price is enough to buy four lip pencils at $3.49 each that’s a steal!!!
Now what is my opinion of the two lipsticks that I ordered? I must give it a A. I was sold on the pastel theme which is perfect for spring,but can easily be duped. Revlon Cosmetics has released a new lipstick line with similar colors. But if you are just like me and is addicted to Mac then having those lipsticks bring a sense of pride lol. 



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