Box of Goodies


I 💞Makeup this would be the perfect Easter basket for me. This is what I’ve been collecting this week. I’m a deal seeker and since I’ve been in cosmetology school, I’ve been looking to add to my makeup kit as well as start my nails and facials kit. I don’t believe in the more expensive the products the better, I think its all in the application and your technique. Though it is good to add expensive items to your kit I wouldn’t break my pockets. Since I’ve been doing makeup I have had the chance to preview a few expensive items and some I will add to my kit is:
💋 Benefits porefessional
💋 Benefits mascaras
💋 Becca foundations
💋 Urban Decay line
I will be returining to YouTube soon and I will be doing a video.
I bought those goodies from Walgreen’s. Walgreen’s has a dollar section,which is a box that has a few compartments, don’t overlook it,you can find great beauty products and sometimes new cosmetic lines. I did and  I will post on those later. Since I’m able to access the Covergirl Queen line. I’ve been dying to try all the foundation lines. This line is the only African American line that dupes Fashion Fair Cosmetics to the tea.



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