Orange met Black to Revolution Richie


Orange met black. Spring and summer is definitely here and for me my summer and spring wear will be bold colors, neons, stripes, and polka dots. So I paired a black and white cropped shirt with a knee length orange skirt. I decided to pattern mix by adding the Dolce and Gabanna circle bag and added orange heels to balance out the outfit


“We need a revolution” Richie in our closet that is! I love Revolution Richie and can’t wait to wear this shirt. I decided to keep the shirt casual and pair it with some distressed H&M high waist jeans and New Balance tennis shoes that will definitely be my staple again in my closet and I decided to pair it with a funky clutch and hoop earrings.

If you like these products or any products from sets you can go on my polyvore page at 
and order,keep in mind some products may not be available and I will try to be more in depth with my sets like adding websites and if its too expensive I will add an alternative 🐝🐝



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