Favorite Lip Products


Hey Beauties,so no makeup look today,I had a class at work and my sinuses are in over drive,I’m a walking,watery eye,dripping nose mess,lol…any who with keeping up with the June Makeup Challenge,I’m going to share my favorite lip products with you beauties.
#1 ChapStick yes the tried and old school lip balm,the original is my top fav,I have a variety and since its very inexpensive I buy a lot and share with my FAM…gotta keep those lips kissable😘
#2 Eos lip balm..I have to say my favorite is the mint,I cannot keep these around my oldest daughter she has stolen all but one of my lip balms😱…I’m going to save my empty container and make my own ((yay!! D.I.y.))
#3 Wet N Wild “Fergie Daily” lipstick,its THE best nude lipstick and for $1.99 its a steal
#4 Mac Cosmetics “Angel” lipstick I love how this nude pink is able to compliment any skintone 💄
#5 Sephora’s liquid lipstick in Red (I forgot the number and name,I’m literally sitting in my car waiting for my middle daughter to get off from work as I’m writing this lol)),Anyways, at first I was skeptical about the color,but its no ordinary red…its THE red!!! I felt like Marilyn Monroe meets Dorothy Dandridge when I wore it!!!
#6 Mac Cosmetics “PeachStock” lipstick
#7 Wet N Wild “Just Peachy” lipstick
#8 Nyx “Thalia” lipstick
I have tons more,but my brain is in overload and my sinuses are killing me,so I will upload a pic and a video (sub to my YouTube 4tsimmons😘) to be in the know.



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