Natural vs Neutral


Hi Beauties,today’s post is about the difference between a natural makeup look and a neutral makeup look.
When my clients ask me to make them look natural, I pull up picture A. I tell them natural is just putting them on foundation and setting it and maybe mascara,natural lashes(if want) and eyeliner to upper lash line very close to the lash line,to make the lashes appear fuller. I then do a very light contour with a neutral blush,nothing to dramatic. I then pull up picture B, I explain to them that its the same as picture A except the contour is a little deeper, and I will add a pop of color and highlight. They go for pic B. Lol… I also tell them that pic A is for an everyday look something quick and simple.
In the pic A I’m wearing Fashion Fair True Mineral Foundation in “Sexy Sand” . PIC B I’m wearing Covergirl  Queen CC cream. Stay tuned to my favorite foundations and summer makeup must haves



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