Hair Growth Challenge


Hi Beauties sorry I’ve been m.I.a. having to buy another phone and put another in the shop is a pain lol,but I’m back in action on my back up until my hun is repaired lol.
If you are a follower ( thank you for liking my page you are appreciated😘) on my Facebook Makeup page,then you’ve already seen this post. In case you’ve haven’t then here goes..
I have been natural for almost a year now. I had recently became frustrated with my hair. I felt that almost a year I should be wearing a “puff” but that hasn’t been the case. Recently my hair has again broken off in one spot, the same spot!! I thought I was going to have to cut off my hair again but my instructor told me no just treat it. How?? I had been doing the apple cider rinse, deep treatments, etc and my hair still wasn’t acting right!! It was still dry and itchy.
I came across the post about the hair challenge on instagram and was like wow!! This will be easy BC I’m currently doing the “l.o.c.” method, which is “liquid,cream,and oil) and I’m currently using the Aphogee Protein treatment as my protein treatment and I’m using an antidandruff shampoo and seabreeze as a pre poo and deep conditioner so this will be easy. As you can see in the pic my hair has grown well I would have to upload a hair journey pic for you to see lol
My hair has shown improvement I’m wearing my hair out more and its holding well to moisture. I’m not “petting” my hair I still do but not a lot. I’m still scratching but not a lot and I notice my dandruff is less. The water I mix with glycerin. I’m going to order a vegetable glycerin and I’m going to also order stuff to make my own shampoo I’ve also started using Jamaican black castor oil in my two thin spots. I have to dye my hair this mama got grays lots lol and I’m not 40 but I blame my dad whom was half Indian and creole for that lol. Yes I’m one big pot of gumbo.
Any who,lol to help with the hair growth I’m back on my biotin and soon hair mane pills and I’m  aiming at eating healthier BC I’m  want to be lean again and study to become a yoga teacher . more posts with pics will be coming


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