Matte Royal by Mac Cosmetics


Hi Beauties, today I FINALLY bought Matte Royal lipstick by Mac today!!! I intend on getting a few more,but because I knew this particular one was going to sell out, I jumped on it first. Good thing I did,because I bought the LAST one!!! I heard that the lipsticks are not permanent and I’m hearing they are. If they are yea, because I’m adding Mac to my kit now😘😘.
I’m a sucker for matte lipstick especially during spring and summer,so I was especially excited for this lipstick. One because its matte,two because its purple and not an ordinary purple,but I’m a bit shock,because Mac usually releases new retro matte or matte lipsticks around Fall or winter. Maybe Mac has something in store for us later this year,hmmm
Matte Royal is a blue based purple, meaning the undertone is blue. It is matte,but it is a cream based matte,making it for lip application and less drying and irritating. At first glance,I thought, Mac used up the rest of Gunner from their collab with Nasty Gal,so in my opinion, we have a dupe Mac pulled one on us again. So I decided to compare, test my theory, and also pull out a few purple lipsticks I have to see if I can find dupes. Well it turned out Mac did pull one on us, they DID NOT use gunner but drew inspiration from it. They finally created a blue based purple!!!!
From the picture I don’t see any dupes but maybe nyx betrayal and that isn’t a dupe. If you would like to dupe it I would suggest buying a blue and a purple lipsticks and when mixing add less blue and to make it matte add a little translucent powder.
I haven’t tried it on yet but I definitely will post a pic and video.


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