Strobing: the Anti Contour


Hi Beauties so lately I’ve reading and watching what makeup gurus are calling the “new technique” they are saying this is the “anti contour” and gives the skin a more “natural” appearance. The technique I am talking about is called “Strobing”. What is strobing? Why is called the anti contour? Who invented it? When did it become popular?
Strobing is basically adding a highlight or a very light eye-shadow to the highest points of the cheek bone, bridge and tip of the nose, and forehead. Basically you’re dumping contouring and zooming straight to highlighting. Its perfect for normal skin individuals as well as individuals with prominent contour features such as a chiseled face or hard face. Those with a chiseled face should avoid contouring because it will make you have a masculine look to your face.
Anyone can strob and you’ve probably done it if you skipped or forgot to contour. If you are oily or combination,I would take and make sure my foundation is matte and have under your makeup a pore filler and mattifier. If you decide to strobe avoid adding concealer to your forehead and nose also just strobe on the highest points of the cheek no need to go under. As you can see on my picture my strobe is seen the picture is unfiltered and was taken under natural light.
Strobing is NOT new in fact it has been around since the contour but its the new way to fade out the fad of contouring. In fact,strobing was more geared to drag makeup as well as for fashion shows and editorials. In recent years makeup artists found a way to add it to everyday makeup as per the contour. Just recent it was made extreme by instagram makeup artists and self proclaimed YouTube gurus.
If you decide to try strobbing,comment with a pic under this post bye!!!


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