Hi Beauties,so lately I’ve been seeing on Facebook and Instagram this challenge called “#DontJudgeChallenge” where people are appearing “ugly” then they cover the lenses and reappear “beautiful”. Some are saying the challenge is not a good challenge, some feel its mocking certain looks are disorders such as having to wear glasses or braces. In my opinion, I think the challenge was great, I feel that some are taking the challenge out of context and trying to turn something positive into something negative.
If you look at it wearing braces or glasses are used to correct something. I have been in situations or seen situations where guys have passed me BC I had a T-shirt and sweats. We all have judged or been judged until the book was opened and what was inside was actually beautiful.
I took the challenge to not gain popularity but to show that though I am a Makeup Artist I am comfortable in my skin, I do leave the house sometimes without makeup and I don’t wear makeup when I workout BC it will clog your pores as you sweat and burn if it gets in your eyes and you will look a hot mess after you are done. I encourage all to take the challenge


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