Wet n Wild Limited Edition Eyeliners



Wet n Wild has released a limited edition summer collection called “Venice Beach”. I’m still searching for the three eight pan palettes,I’m hoping that they hit my area soon so I can load up (I’m a Makeup Artist/Junkie lol). I was able to find the nail polishes, lip glosses, and eyeliners. I will pass on the lip glosses they weren’t that appealing to me, though they had a sheer lime green and neon orange, I wasn’t feeling it. I did however, decide to purchase two of the four eyeliners and I will go back to purchase the shadow sticks. In my opinion the eyeliners are dupes to the Anastasia of Beverly Hills summer liners that were recently released. I only purchased the yellow and electric blue,but there is a neon pink and a forest green. I included a picture of me wearing the two liners. They are matte which is a plus for me and the application is smooth and creamy. They are priced at $1.99 each and I found them at my local Rite Aid. If you purchase don’t forget to use your Plenti Card to earn points!!!


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