My Two Day Interview



Hi Beauties I haven’t posted makeup looks in a while and was like let me upload my interview looks for my friends to see:):)
I’m not going to say what I traveled to New Orleans for two days for because I’m still waiting in other words,I will reveal Wednesday😁😁. All I’m going to say is that a friend unboxed me a flier for what I’ve been waiting for and u must say I jumped on it.
When I got there of course it was packed,I mean this is the “it” company duh 😁😁. I was the ONLY girl from my area,which was a plus, I think. The interviews were from 3-6,but BC so many of us girls were applying it went past. I was patient though,I didn’t care if it was 9 pm, Tee wasn’t going anywhere,lol.
At about 7:15 pm,it was finally my turn,nervous was an understatement lol,but it went well,she asked typical interview questions and throwed in company trivia, but all in all she was impressed and invited me back for round 2.
Round 2 went great,I discovered I was able to do something and will apply to my daily life. She came and spoken to me and that was that. I felt I did great,but its up to them. I’m keeping positive and claiming it. Despite all the bad that happened like on day on the power went out in the neighborhood causing me to melt half my makeup off and pack my bag to finish getting dress when I made it to the location and having to call for help at the dollar tree BC the line was super long and I had to buy a photo album for the few pics I developed which she didn’t even look at and on the second day arriving late which will be for the next post. God is great, I was determined not to let anything stop me and I made it.
Wednesday I will reveal and have deets on why I arrived late.
Update: The job was for Mac Cosmetics and I DIDNOT get the job. I was pretty hurt I applied 40 times and I felt I did good I mean who matches a complete stranger with their correct foundation without ever seeing them? But I didn’t make the cut. I was a good sport and I was like at least I got a shot at applying for my dream job and I’m pretty sure GOD has something better for me. I don’t think I will be applying anymore though


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