Hi Beauties, yes,its been a long time!! First, I would like to say thank you for being patient and continuing to follow my blog its not easy trying to write on three different pages,but for you all its worth it.
Well, I know you are looking at my pic,like wth?? Lol. No your eyes are not deceiving you, I have changed my fashion name to a more stylish name. One I want to expand with( more info in the near future) so I hope you guys like it. Check out my instagram page and see if the name fits my page
Now where have I been? I have been busy with school hun and I am now back on the full time rat race back in the medical field. Dreams and life has to be funded! Lol. I haven’t been doing makeup not on me or anyone. No,I haven’t put my brushed down I’m just reinventing myself and focusing on a new direction. That’s about it beauties. So  tell me what you think of my new fashion page. Talk to you later and stay tuned for some new sets from moi💥


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