Wet -N- Wild Venice Beach


Finally after MONTHS of searching and giving up, I FINALLY found (by mistake) the 8 pan palettes by Wet n Wild that was released this past summer for their limited edition “Venice Beach” collection.
In this collection their were three 8 pan palettes, two were bright, bold colors and one was a bright mid tone colors.  The names of the palettes are from left to right are: ” Hemporary Solutions”, which is a bright,bold palette, it contained six matte colors and two shimmer colors. The two shimmer colors happen to be the two greens.
” High Flying Colors” is the middle which is the cool,midtone color palette.this palette has four shimmers and a beautiful gray that could be used in the fall.
Lastly,” BoardWalk Boozing” which at this point Wet n Wild decided to just dupe the first by a color or two and add a lime yellowish green. This palette was even out with three mattes and three shimmers. I found these palettes at my local Kmart and caught them on sale for $2.49,each which was .50 cents off each not bad.


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