Wet n Wild New Fall Lipsticks


Hi Beauties I found some new matte lipsticks by Wet n Wild. I am guessing these are limited edition from their “Into the Wild” collection. They were priced at $1.99 per lippie. I am guessing I bought all five colors. Two happens to be dupes. Correction: there were six I passed on the red lipstick which I most likely will go get.
First up is the color “Vintage Vibe” which is a dark plum color it will remind you of the permanent color “Cherry Bomb”. Next is “Photo Bomb” at first glance you would think you are buying another “Vintage Vibe” but when you swipe it you will see they are different,but from the same color family. ” Photo” is a dark brownish plum. Next up is ” On the Ave” which is the only pink in the collection. It is the dupes for either Mac Cosmetics ” Good Kisser” or the lippie from the RiRi collection both were limited edition so if you can find this lippie please stock up.
Next is ” Coffee Buzz” which is vampy brown, it kind of reminded me “Rum Raisin” or their other lippie with raisin in it.
Lastly we have ” Night Cap” which is a repromote from their Halloween collection last year. It is a vampy color that can be duped with ” Vamp it up” they are similar but not alike.
So if you are in Rite Aid waiting on those Black Friday sales pick up those limited edition lippies and add them to your collection at $1.99 each you won’t be disappointed. #TBB


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