Wet n Wild “Into the Wild” Lipsticks Dupes


Hey Beauties Happy Belated Thanksgiving I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day!!!
Well I wanted to update you on these Wet n Wild limited edition lipsticks from their “Into The Wild” collection, that I found at my local Rite Aid for $1.99 each. I must say after I finally gotten around to lip searching I found that they dupe Mac lipsticks and I was completely bamboozled none of the lipsticks in my NEW opinion look like the permanent lipsticks. So without further ado I will release my opinion of the dupes:
1. ” On The Ave.” = Mac’s “Good Kisser” ( limited edition)
2. “Coffee Buzz” = Mac’s ” Photo”
3. “Vintage Vibe” = Mac’s “Rebel”
4. “NightCap” = I couldn’t think of a dupe but I will say this was NOT a Halloween release this lipstick is actually brown yes brown as I put it on my lips I saw that WnW pulled a Mac on us it looks one color but ends up another!!
5. “PhotoBomb” = Mac’s ” Nightmoth lipliner” so this would be the perfect lip combo
Yes beauties WnW pulled a Mac the colors are definitely different when you put them on. You won’t find these in the permanent lipstick section so if you have too please buy because they are limited edition. #TBB


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