WalMart Spring Beauty Box



I received my Walmart Beauty box for spring monday. I am always excited about receiving packages in the mail. This particular one, not so Walmart boxes in the past has been blah with little to no samples and a bunch of coupons to either try one item free or a few cents to a dollar off. So when i received this box and it was pretty heavy my first reaction was “whow” “ok we got some items in here this time” lol.
When i opened the box i was like yay, Walmart you out did yourselves, you gave what the people wanted and thats deluxe to full size items. Before i get into my thoughts I would first like to give details on the Walmart Beauty box:
πŸ’ its seasonal so its not a monthly box
πŸ’ you pay only $5 per season
πŸ’ there is no profile to fill out only your mailing info and bank info
πŸ’It is a first come first serve
πŸ’All boxes are different
Now to the contents. As you can see from the pictures i received alot. I have started using some of the items,that will be posted in my next blog. If you want to see what i got head to my youtube channel ( the blushingbeauty). I am pleased with my box Walmart definitely gets an a+. I have been downgrading to deluxe samples size items bc i have been spring cleaning and i don’t use particular items enough to buy full size items and its more roomy. So if you would like to receive a box head to and sign up


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