Hello Hello Hello!!!
I know I’ve been neglecting my blog and i soo apologize..i have to keep up with 8 yes 8 different sites and one more including Snapchat (that i have to try to get use too and update😞) oh lets not forget Periscope lol
So where have I been? Well…I’ve been dealing with some health issues. In May I started having a few female issues that lead to by june a blood infusion and in july minor surgery. I haven’t been wearing much makeup, because Louisiana has been soooo hot and i been trying to get my health together. So the above picture which is my simple face is the first wearing makeup in 2 months i want to say. If you are loving the lippie its by Nyx Cosmetics from their lingerie line in the color “Teddy Bear”.
I have been in a makeup slump lately, basically i have narrowed down for me to a few things for my personal collection. I am focusing finally on my professional kit, revamping it and adding new items.
If you want to keep up with me follow me:
Facebook.com/Creatingcanvasesmakeup (yes i changed my makeup pages to go into a more professional setting but i am still theblushingbeauty)
Youtube: the blushingbeauty (i will be changing and revamping soon)
Persicope: theblushingbeauty
Snapchat: Southernmua
Twitter: redbone4


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