Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation





Hey everyone!!!
So today me and my daughter decided to walk out and go grab some seafood ((Louisiana life))..while we were out I decided to stop into my neighborhood Walgreens and see if the new 2017 Wet n Wild products made it and to see what else is new in the world of drugstore makeup.
After seeing a boat load of new items. I FINALLY stumbled upon the new display!!! First, I have to give a big thank you to Walgreens, they is the ONLY store so far that had Women of Color foundation from the brand..it melted my heart. Secondly, the display was almost empty lol. I managed to get my color in foundation or I thought..my daughter was like “this is your shade mom” so after reading the shades descriptions on the display (shout to Wet n Wild for that it makes the picking so easy) I opted for her choice.
After trying on the foundation WITHOUT primer, I had to hi five my daughter,my little assistant has been paying attention. I let the foundation sit on my face to oxidize and….IT MATCHED!!!
This is my first impression:
Wet n Wild announced in late 2016 that they would be coming out with more “photo friendly or flash friendly” products. If you follow them on Instagram around december-ish you were able to see the new products on their instastory and were able to see popular beauty gurus review them.
I was all game for that because I am a HUGE Wet n Wild fan and this comes from my late mother buying Wet n Wild when I was a younger girl to having Wet n Wild in my collection when I was not a big makeup lover or a Makeup Artist,so whenever this brand releases anything its in my collection.
I was especially eager to try the new products out, because a girl needs photo friendly products and I am updating my kit and I need photo friendly products.
Wet n Wild promised that the foundation is flash friendly and it is!! As you can see in my pictures I took one with and without flash. Please excuse the flash picture I am still learning how to take better selfies lol. The product is medium coverage and build able,so you can add about two layers to get a full coverage. The foundation to me is waterproof friendly as well. It would not come off with just plain water, I had to use my facial cleanser which is a plus for me…sweat proof is always a great thing.
I think for the price its worth it,however i will give you another review in a few weeks,but as my first impression I like it. I will be adding the darker foundations to my kit and will even buy them to have for my two daughters as well.


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