First Impression: Kiss Faux Mink Eyelashes




Hey everyone yes, I am back with another first impression. I am on a roll with blogging, thanks to my NEW schedule I am able to FINALLY devote time to all my social media lets go
2017 will be the year for drugstore brands,they are killing the upgrade game and Kiss Cosmetics is among them.
In late 2016 Kiss Cosmetics debuted on their Instagram some new faux mink eyelashes that were going to release in January 2017, this would be more of their “luxury” brand and would be more affordable and alternative to mink eyelashes, we all know mink lashes can be pretty expensive and if you are like me, they are extra for clients.
I was able to buy (no, unfortunately this is NOT sponsored) about a week ago in my local Rite Aid. They retail for $4.99, but on the display there was a $1.00 off coupon. The style I chose was “Noir”. I love big flutter eyelashes or demi wispies. I was excited because these are my first pair of faux mink lashes and I’m a lash junkie.
Noir is for the lady or man that is daring that loves to do it big why not go all out,right?
The pack comes with a pair of lashes and glue. The packaging is pretty thick . The packaging is white with red lettering pretty to me.
When I got home and after wiping my eye lid (I’m oily) i tried one one. My first impression is:
They are very comfortable not heavy on the lid so I can see an all day or night wear
They are kind of hard to stick and I think its from the thickness of the band. You would definitely have to work with them. The glue is not that good but lets be honest it takes a lot of glue to hold the ends.I tried my Ardell clear glue cause I hate dark glue and it bonded but the middle came up so either I have to work with them or cut them down a little to fit my eyes.
I am showing a picture of me trying them on a second time and just playing in makeup.
In my FIRST opinion i think they are a good buy worth the $4.99 price tag especially if you are not into real mink or just want to try a mink lash but don’t have the coins these are a great dupe.
I will return in a week with my final impression byeeee!!!


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