First Makeover of 2017




Finally!! I can post a makeover photo or photos for 2017!! I gotta confess I was getting discouraged, I haven’t done a client in so long and partially it’s because the town I live in doesn’t demand makeup services often. I’m soon going to change directions..
Tonight my long time client wanted a green look for a party she was attending, she wanted the focus to be her eyes, but did not want any heavy foundation nor lashes..I tried to convince her it was a no lol.
Here’s a list of the products used:
Moisturizer: Simply facial lotion
Primer: Nyc Cosmetics
Base: Mary Kay foundation (i used a color 3xs lighter than her skintone i applied the foundation on her eyes confession: I thought my concealer palette was in my kit and it wasn’t so I improvised)
Powders: Airspun transluscent powder ( set the eyes and i applied this to her t zone after I primed her to keep her from oiling up and to blur her pores..I just gave out a tip..thank me later my oily girls)
La Girls loose powder in “Medium” to set the foundation
Foundation: Fashion Fair Cosmetics Tru Mineral Foundation in ” Tenacious Topez”
Contour/highlight: Profusion contour and highlight palette and a sally’s girl highlight that is discontinued
bronzer: Covergirl Queen bronzer in “Ebony Bronze” my favorite! Especially for my brownies and my deep goddesses
Eye shadows:
I based her eyes with a green cream base from a unnamed palette
I used my eBay palettes the neutrals and my bright one and I also used my Wet n Wild palette for her inner corner of her eyes
For her lips I used my Profusion Cosmetics lip palette which I will be reviewing after I receive a purchase
For her blush I used my eBay palette, I chose a red and pink and mixed it together.
For eyeliner I used a Wet n Wild black eyeliner and that’s it!!
When it comes to makeup I personally don’t have a particular brand I use on clients simply because they all are sister brands of a company..I just use whatever worked on me first. I will be adding more brands to my kit,because my preferences has changed so much and I was able to get a few “higher end” products. I will be doing YouTube again so if you follow me then you will know the release dates of my videos.
Thanks for reading any questions please feel free to comment and I will answer as soon as I can



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