Pride Inspired Makeup 

So in celebration and support for pride, I decided to do a pride inspired makeup look. What better way to play in color??

Product breakdown:

Cleanse with Garnier micellar water 

Moisturizer: dollar general brand facial lotion

Eyebrows: Too Faced cosmetics shadow insurance primer and Elf cosmetics brow pomade (the darkest one)

Eyes: primed with Too Faced cosmetics “Shadow Insurance” primer

LA Girls pro concealer in “natural”

Set with LA Girls cosmetics transulscent powder

Eye colors: EBay neon palette and Absolute New York palette (transition color only)

Eyelashes: LA colors “Diva” ( my favorite lashes))

Liner: LA Colors liquid eyeliner 


Primer: Cherimoya Conceal primer

Foundation: Elf Foundation palette in “Dark”

Ruby kisses cream contour and powder contour kits in “medium/dark”

Blush: ordered from eBay

Highlight: Kiss New York eyeshadow in “24k” (I used the cream highlight from the Ruby Kisses cream contour palette underneath)

Lips: Mac Cosmetics lip liner in “Nightmoth” and Nicka K cosmetics liquid lipstick in “Fucshia”

Set: Wet n Wild Photo Focus setting spray 

That’s it!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting ❤️❤️


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