Influenster: Darling Vox Box

Hi guys!! About a month or so ago Influenster sent me the darling vox box to review products for free in exchange for my honest opinion. If you are not familiar with Influenster please go and read past posts so you can get familiar and review products for free as well how cool is that??

In this box box I received:

A full size bottle of Nature Bounty gummy vitamins for energy, which I loved because it gave me the right amount of energy without having me feel sluggish or jittery.

A deluxe sample of Vichy facial serum which made my skin feel so good. I’m an oily combination girl and this left my skin feeling good.

A deluxe sample of Eva NYC hair mask which left my natural hair soft 

Two full size samples of Live Clean baby wash and lotion. My skin tends to act up from time to time so this is perfect. They smell so good and I have a baby that I know will love this!

A full sample of Duncan Hines perfect one brownie mix to put in a cup and try to stop that sweet tooth without overindulging. I

Loved it and is familiar already with the product. I definitely recommend this you will get four packets for under $5. Unfortunately for me this will have to be a cheat down the line for me.

I also received a coupon for country crock butter with a recipe that came on time for me. I also received a coupon for my perfect size snack as well as a card telling me about the products I received. 

If this isn’t enough to sign up for Influenster I don’t know what else to tell you. Sign up today!! 


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