Trend Beauty Buying

Yesterday, I was in a makeup slump and I started to become overwhelmed, I wanted to do a makeup look, and I did, but I didn’t know what look I wanted to do. I know I wanted to do a halo, fall inspired look with a neon lip, but was trying to aim more at recreating a look, then I said “nah, I did that already!” Recreating looks and then I got overwhelmed with the amount of makeup I got!

I guess that was the first step into admitting I was a hoarder, lol. Truth be told, when it comes to me and my buying of makeup for myself,if it’s not limited edition, then I don’t buy it. It has to be really worth my coins, so brands better push out the dopest campaign they can, lol.

I’m now focusing more on higher end brands, for me and my kit. I choose for me more foundations, primers, bronzers, and skincare. My kit the whole sha-bang. I’m good on lipsticks, unless it’s really beautiful and I can not dupe it. No way, no how.

I’m just OVER impulse beauty buying ((unless it’s a clearance, no I’m over it!!) I feel I spend too much money to have the same color with a different name. What’s so sad is that, I can tag certain brands and they won’t acknowledge, because my following count isn’t over 2000+!!

I’m entering a new phase where I’m slowly adding more services to my mobile business and I want to put my coins into that. My makeup I like to buy palettes that have different colors and if I don’t hit pan I’m not buying.

I’m looking forward to saving more and buying less.

This is the makeup look, I came up with yesterday. I did not do a video, when I jazz it up I will.


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