Creative Conversation: Morphe x PonyMakeup 351 Icy Fantasy Palette Review

Hi everyone! I want to first say thank you to everyone whom viewed my video and subscribed and shown love, my video has been viewed over 100 times! I’m so excited.

I was birthday shopping when I seen this palette in the Ulta store. I had viewed it online and even added it to my cart, but yes, it was in store,so why not?

I do apologize for no swatches, but if view my video you will see some there.

Morphe has collaborated with Asian makeup artist ponysmakeup, now I will be honest, I do not know her never heard of her until this collaboration, I’m not being shady, I just personally never ran across her social media handles and I’m sure it’s likewise on my behalf as well.

This 35 shadow palette is a pastel palette of cool tones colors, you have your standard matte and shimmers, upon opening the palette is very beautiful, very soft. When I first applied the shadows, I was not very happy. I used the new Elf primer putty white primer and the colors did not take well, the colors weren’t building and was very chalky, I had received a lot of fall out, so I was like, this would be the first morphe palette I would have to return, but once I done my left eye using only the Nyx pigment primer everything was good.

I rate this palette a B I had to use my Mac shadow ” rule” to deepen the crease and I experienced fall out. I’m not going to rate based upon pigmentation, because this is a pastel palette.

Did you buy the palette? What was your experience? Please comment and share

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2 thoughts on “Creative Conversation: Morphe x PonyMakeup 351 Icy Fantasy Palette Review

  1. Very pretty eyelook , I like how its similar to the palett’s design . I heard of this collab with Pony as well as the Colourpop collab. But overall I think the MorpheXPony palette looks so much more unique.

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