My Birthday 2020

My birthday was January 26th, yep yep Aquarius season!!

My birthday was ok in the end, but I was ready to lie in bed and just chill. I have to admit this month alone was hell I was not excited one bit about my birthday period.

First, my package which was $80 was stolen which I feel my mail carrier took it, then my nail cracked to the point it had to be replaced with a tip, then we left late because I happened to go get a repair and polish change on a Friday! And I had a different theme to which I did not stick and settled on a frosty pink. The color is actually beautiful, but I’m in an emerald green mood.

To add to my misery my car decides to break down an hour and half away and I had to exit to the nearest Autozone and wait an hour to get a battery charge to make it back home now I need a alternator!

We ended up going in my sister’s car, everything was great until the yellow hair I was going to wear my dumb self forgot the scissors and got2b spray so I was like , I’ll just wear my red hair, the palettes I chose to bring did not have a red shadow to color my brows so I wore my blond hair.

We ate at The Sugar Factory and that was fun and we shopped at the outlet. I received money, a polo tshirt in one of my favorite colors, yellow, the shirt I was looking at at Walmart and some lipglosses.

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