Influenster and L’Oréal Paris #RevitaliftChallenge

Hey guys as you all know I am an Influenster. If you are not familiar with Influenster, it is a FREE app for iPhone and android where you give reviews on products from beauty to alcohol (yes you can review the best wine or mixers) you can also ask questions for other Influensters to answer as well give your advice or recommendations. You can also create lists from your opinions. You also Participate in challenges to gain scores and to make the list to qualify for vox boxes. Download the app to get started today ((FYI this is NOT sponsored))

Now to the topic at hand. From the pictures and of course the topic I am participating in the Rivatalift challenge, for 14 days I get to use this moisturizer to see if there will be a difference in my skin. I am so excited for this challenge and can’t wait to see the results!! My first impression is this moisturizer smells so good and is lightweight definitely not greasy so if you are reading this blog and taking the challenge please let me know your first impression!!

New LA Colors Products

LA colors has released some new products for 2017. I found their contouring palette and their bronzer at my local Family Dollar.

The contour palette contains a deep powder to contour. It is matte perfect for oily/combo skin, but the again, you should always contour with a matte powder for a soft natural contour. The highlight is sorta shimmery and is a slight champagne banana color it is very pretty. The price for this is $2 or $3

The bronzer is called “Radiant”. The middle has a pigmented golden sun perfect for medium to deep skin tones. The bronzer is matte but the highlight or sun is shimmer. This also retails for $2 or $3

These are great additions to your professional kit especially if you are starting off your freelancing career. 

Wet n Wild Spring Collection 

The Wet n Wild Spring Collection is finally here. I happened to find them at my local Walgreens (which is having a buy two get one free sale going on).

In the Collection there are two kabuki brushes, two lipstick palettes, two of each highlighters, and two of each eye shadow trios. I picked up the highlighters and one of each eye shadow trios. I passed on the kabuki brush and the lipstick palette, I simply was not interested.

The highlighters are beautiful, each one comes with a silver heart when combined together makes a pretty silverish color. The purple one is called “Lillac to Reality” and the pink is called “The Sweetest Bling”. In my opinion they will compliment every skin tone and they are pigmented.

The eye shadows are a trio. Only one has a matte which will make a great transition color for medium to medium dark skin tones and a great lid color for fair and dark skin tones.from left to right the trios names are:

💄”Will You Marina Me” is a shimmer trio with a beautiful brow bone color that can also double as a highlighter for medium to dark skin tones 

💄 “Heart and Heavy” which is shimmer with hint of reflect glitter

💄”Hieroglyphic Heart” is the only trio that has the matte color which is a good transition color for medium to medium dark skin tones and a great lid color for fair to dark skin tones 

In my opinion this Collection is pretty cool definitely great for Spring. I felt Wet n Wild should’ve released a few pastel color liquid lipsticks maybe two colorful mascaras, pastel blushes and eyeliners,but this Collection gets an A- it’s worth the buy.

Happy National Lash Day


Happy National Lash Day!!
Here are some of my favorite eyelashes and lash extensions as well as mascaras!! I’m a product junkie so if i had to pick my top ones that is a refill in my kit and personal kit would be:
💋Wet n wild Max Volume
💋Maybelline lash sensational the original
💋 Revlon all in one mascara
💋Ardell demi wispies
💋 Ardell individual lashes
I also like Kiss Cosmetics faux mink lashes. Too faced Better Than Sex mascara is a favorite as well. I can’t wait to see you guys favorites!!


Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson



Hello dolls!!
How was everyone Valentine’s Day? I am single so I had a wonderful galentines day complete with a nice dinner and some wonderful gifts. I received the Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson lipstick and lipglass by Mac Cosmetics..I was super surprised it was on my wishlist. Before I get into my first impression, I want to remind you that every purchase of this lipstick or any other Viva Glam lipstick or lipgloss or glass goes to the Mac Aids Fund which helps with medicine, food, clothes etc for men, women,and children affected by the HIV or Aids virus.
Viva glam Taraji is a matte, pinkish red lipstick that compliments every skintone. I am a yellow undertone so it shows up on me as a reddish pink.
My first impression is i like it. I have not worn the lipstick alone, for Valentine’s look i decided to pair them together.
The lip glass is also a pinkish red that compliments every skintone. The lipglass has a sort of glittery undertone to it that makes it fun to wear. I think both would do good on their own but great together.
The lipstick was definitely long lasting i wore it for like 4 to 6 hours. I will definitely do another look for my YouTube video so be on the look out!
Dupes for the lipstick is
💋Wet n Wild “Cherry Picking” which is also matte but slightly darker
💋Revlon Cosmetics “Cherries In The Snow” which is a creme. I don’t know if Revlon still sells this lipstick though. The Wet n Wild one is a permanent among their line. “Cherries In The Snow” is also tad darker
I don’t wear lipglosses as much I am not a fan so i can’t give you any dupes but I would start with the Wet n Wild line first.


Mac x Betty Boop


Disclaimer: The photo does not belong to me. The owner has watermarked her ownership
I am hearing Mac Cosmetics is releasing this beautiful bright red lipstick for Valentine’s day. How cute that Mac is honoring Betty Boop?
Will anyone be purchasing? I am not sure I will. I have become a liquid lipstick girl and I have this Sephora liquid lipstick that I love and that I hope is not discontinued.
This one slipped right through me. I always find out about Mac’s releases before the workers and sometimes the workers use or rarely tell me about a release. My local Mac can use a training on customer service..
If I can get a dupe list going I will share!


First Impression: Kiss Faux Mink Eyelashes




Hey everyone yes, I am back with another first impression. I am on a roll with blogging, thanks to my NEW schedule I am able to FINALLY devote time to all my social media lets go
2017 will be the year for drugstore brands,they are killing the upgrade game and Kiss Cosmetics is among them.
In late 2016 Kiss Cosmetics debuted on their Instagram some new faux mink eyelashes that were going to release in January 2017, this would be more of their “luxury” brand and would be more affordable and alternative to mink eyelashes, we all know mink lashes can be pretty expensive and if you are like me, they are extra for clients.
I was able to buy (no, unfortunately this is NOT sponsored) about a week ago in my local Rite Aid. They retail for $4.99, but on the display there was a $1.00 off coupon. The style I chose was “Noir”. I love big flutter eyelashes or demi wispies. I was excited because these are my first pair of faux mink lashes and I’m a lash junkie.
Noir is for the lady or man that is daring that loves to do it big why not go all out,right?
The pack comes with a pair of lashes and glue. The packaging is pretty thick . The packaging is white with red lettering pretty to me.
When I got home and after wiping my eye lid (I’m oily) i tried one one. My first impression is:
They are very comfortable not heavy on the lid so I can see an all day or night wear
They are kind of hard to stick and I think its from the thickness of the band. You would definitely have to work with them. The glue is not that good but lets be honest it takes a lot of glue to hold the ends.I tried my Ardell clear glue cause I hate dark glue and it bonded but the middle came up so either I have to work with them or cut them down a little to fit my eyes.
I am showing a picture of me trying them on a second time and just playing in makeup.
In my FIRST opinion i think they are a good buy worth the $4.99 price tag especially if you are not into real mink or just want to try a mink lash but don’t have the coins these are a great dupe.
I will return in a week with my final impression byeeee!!!