Pride Inspired Makeup 

So in celebration and support for pride, I decided to do a pride inspired makeup look. What better way to play in color??

Product breakdown:

Cleanse with Garnier micellar water 

Moisturizer: dollar general brand facial lotion

Eyebrows: Too Faced cosmetics shadow insurance primer and Elf cosmetics brow pomade (the darkest one)

Eyes: primed with Too Faced cosmetics “Shadow Insurance” primer

LA Girls pro concealer in “natural”

Set with LA Girls cosmetics transulscent powder

Eye colors: EBay neon palette and Absolute New York palette (transition color only)

Eyelashes: LA colors “Diva” ( my favorite lashes))

Liner: LA Colors liquid eyeliner 


Primer: Cherimoya Conceal primer

Foundation: Elf Foundation palette in “Dark”

Ruby kisses cream contour and powder contour kits in “medium/dark”

Blush: ordered from eBay

Highlight: Kiss New York eyeshadow in “24k” (I used the cream highlight from the Ruby Kisses cream contour palette underneath)

Lips: Mac Cosmetics lip liner in “Nightmoth” and Nicka K cosmetics liquid lipstick in “Fucshia”

Set: Wet n Wild Photo Focus setting spray 

That’s it!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting ❤️❤️

Simple and bold all summer ’17

Hello!! Louisiana tends to get extremely hot so I decided my signature look will be a simple face and a bold lip. Summer is the PERFECT time to go bold. Yesterday I decided to try my sample of the Lancôme Teint Idole foundation I gotten from Dillard’s about a month ago. I am in the market of expanding my foundation line and I want to start buying more “higher end” foundations and since I have heard rave reviews why start with Lancôme?? My first impression is that it’s very comfortable on the face for me a little went along way I just added more where I needed the coverage and that was in my t zone. The Foundation lasted even through the heat and I sweated lol. This is now on my buy list. 

The very bold orange lip I am rocking is “Matte Bright” by Black Radiance Cosmetics. This liquid matte lipstick is very bright, I actually built it up bc I wanted to blind the people, but a little goes a long way for this as well. The lippie can be drying but applying a lip balm, wipe, then apply the lippie you should be fine. This lipstick does has lasting powers so you won’t be reapplying as much. This lippie works great with medium to deep skin tones. Though Black Radiance is catered to Women or Men of color (it is NOT black owned) the liquid lipsticks can work for ALL skin tones! 

If you are not already, please follow me on Snapchat at CreatingCanvasesMakeup there I am giving my opinion on this lippie and I talk about a blinding highlight you won’t believe from…and it cost me only $1.99

Unicorn 🦄 Dreams

So last night I got inspired to create this look. I bought an Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter kit dupe from Ross Department Store and the colors reminded me of mermaids and unicorns. I pulled out my BH Cosmetics 88 shimmer palette and just went for it. I personally am not a shimmer fan, simply because they are hard to work with and you usually have to use base colors for those colors, but it's those challenges that makes great perfections. I just used my NYX jumbo pencil in milk and my good ol' ring finger to pack on the color (you can also wet your brushes, I was being lazy). The Foundation was by Covergirl and the big lashes are #199 ( my fav for drag looks or in my case when I am feeling bold and daring;she was not a fan lol but was a good sport until she saw the end..100 selfies lol). I do intend to remix this look again! Bye👄

Smokey Eye with a Hint of Orange 

Hi beauties I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but as I said before follow me on my social media pages to keep up with me .

Tonight my model,my youngest daughter let me create this look inspired by prom season. I decided to add a pop of color to the traditional smokey eye. Here’s a list of product breakdowns:

I prepped her skin with my witch hazel and thyme leaves mixture, then primed the skin with Mary Kay skin primer

Brows: Ruby Kisses Cosmetics brow pencil (dark brown) and then to clean them up I also used the Ruby Kisses highlight and contour kit for medium to deep skin skin. I set them with the Ulta brow kit

Eyes: I primed with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I used a medium brown shadow from the Ruby Kisses Cosmetics Contour kit and the oranges came from the Urban Decay Electric palette and from my eBay neon shadows palette and my Mayo Cosmetics neon pigment. The black came from an eBay neutral palette. I used NYX Cosmetics Black Bean as a base

Contour: Ruby Kisses Cosmetics cream contour kit and was set the Ruby Kisses powder contour kit

Foundation: Maybelline Fit me foundation in “Coconut” I used a brown from the ruby kisses palette to set the foundation

Highlight: the gold cream from the ruby kisses palette and Mac Cosmetics “Soft and Gentle”

Lashes: La colors lashes in the style “Danity”

Mascara: Wet n Wild mascara 

Blush: Black Radiance Cosmetics “Raspberry ”

Lips: Wet n Wild brown liner and an La Color lipgloss 

I set with the Elf Cosmetics setting spray 

Prom Makeup

It’s that time of year and if you are an Independent Makeup Artist like me then you have already begun your promoting. I was blessed to have 3 daughters and tonight my oldest daughter was kind enough to lend her beautiful canvas to start my promoting. The glitter that I used is by Wet n Wild this is from their older Halloween collection, which I look forward to every year. I am looking forward to doing some faces for prom

Valentine’s Day Throw Back


Hi Beauties
So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow 😍 it is one of my favorite holidays besides my birthday Halloween and Christmas. I am single 😢 but i get to celebrate with 2/4 children..having 3 adult children and one teenager and still be young is a blessing..Anyway we are having a seafood dinner complete with some chocolate covered strawberries!! I’m excited, because this is a girl’s night so a galentine lol.
I wanted to showcase looks i have done for love day and will probably upload my look (i skipped last year) tomorrow or sunday (which is my regular blog day) complete with a list of products used!!