Homecoming queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ½

I am sick unfortunately, but I didn’t want to just lie in bed and rest, I had to move around and what better way then to continue promoting myself for homecoming??? One thing I will tell you, it’s a constant job to promote, I do it all to every social media, blog, and tweet, lol. I get discouraged, because I feel no one sees, but it’s always the ones NOT liking that is paying the most attention.

For this look, I used the usual, you can go to my previous “Homecoming Promo” blog and check out the products. The only thing I changed was the palette. I used my no name palette, I received in Cosmetology school. It was convenient, because it has everything in it, I only like the blushes, contour, and bronze powders. That’s it


Mac x Aaliyah

When makeup lovers and true fans unite the force is unstoppable. When fellow Selena fans asked Mac to put out a collection in her honor, Mac asked for an x amount of signatures and it was granted.

An Aaliyah fan thought it was time for the late singer to have a collection in honor of the late singer and actress.

Eric Ferrell, whom was Aaliyah’s Makeup Artist, once stated, that Aaliyah’s favorite Mac Cosmetics products were: Chelsey and Cherish lipsticks, Chestnut lip liner, and Expresso and Biscuit eyeshadows.

When the petition was written, in it, was stated that for the Aaliyah’s collection to include the collection standards such as eyeshadows,in my opinion, Expresso and Biscuit should be among, Lipsticks, which should include Chelsey and Cherish, Lipliners, which should include Chestnut, glosses, one should have hint of glitter, but not overbearing, and one should be a brownish nude, a contour and highlight duo, which should be soft and subtle, since Aaliyah’s highlight and contour was always natural, Beauty powder, which should be a nude translucent powder, false lashes, which should be natural, since Aaliyah did not wear over the top lashes, they should also be wispie like, and eyebrow pencils.

The collection is set to drop in the summer of 2018, which is more than enough time to put away your limited edition coins as per this collection will not be permanent.

I think it’s about time Aaliyah was honored as it has been 16 years ago today that the Singer/Actress passed away tragically in an airplane crash. I wish the collection was soon, but is honored, that it is happening.

There is no further information from Mac at this time, but I will update as more information is shared.Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos used.

Nicki Minaj x Mac Cosmetics

There is nothing I like more than looking forward to a limited edition collection that I can add to my already grown makeup collection, so when I saw this, I knew I had to share!

Rumor has it that Mac Cosmetics will be collaborating with Rapper Nicki Minaj again to bring us some goodies!! Though Mac neither Nicki has confirmed, sources says the collection is to drop soon!!!

The rumored collection will feature two lipsticks that are nude and we know that lately Nicki has been feeling her nudes or pinky nudes. I do not have anymore information, but as it get closer I will update on THIS blog, so be checking randomly.

Will you be buying if this collaboration is true? I know I will!!

Disclaimer: the photo does not belong to me and is not the promo picture Upadate: the rumor is TRUE!!! Nicki Minaj and Mac Cosmetics has collaborated to drop the “Nude Collection!”

The collection will feature 6 lip glosses one which will be new, 2 lipsticks created by Nicki herself, which will be amplified, and 18 lipsticks which will feature new and re promoted lippies!! In the above picture (which i do not own) is said to be the two lipsticks Nicki created with Mac herself! The collection is rumored to drop In September between the 7-21st

Mac Holidays

Mac has already started dropping hints about their 2017 holiday collection and they started with a teaser from a very popular highlighter!

The infamous Whisper of Gilt will be making its debut back this holiday season in a completely new packaging as well as a snowflake embossed on it. This for sure will sell out, so the best tips I can give is a. Have your money already put aside and ready and b. Set your alarm to be at a Mac location very early. I am going to get two as this will be my first time purchasing this particular highlighter.

I do not know the particular date Mac will drop this baby, but I will come back on THIS blog and do an update.

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures nor am I sponsored by Mac ( fingers crossed)

Update: Balmain x L’OrΓ©al

So a few weeks back, I reported a big collaboration between the couture fashion house Balmain and the French drugstore makeup brand L’Oreal Paris. We finally have a drop date, September 20th!!! That’s right!!

The collection will feature 12 matte lipsticks priced at $14 each, All ranging from nude to bold, check out the pics below and tell me which lipstick is on top of your list, in the comments belowDisclaimer: I do not own the pictures

Moschino Lands At Sephora

Disclaimer: the photos are not owned by me.

If you are eclectic, carefree, and just don’t give a hmm..then chances are you own a piece or a few of Moschino items.

Today Moschino and Sephora teamed up to bring a Moschino style collection. If you didn’t get anything or missed out don’t worry the entire collection will arrive at all Sephora stores August 24 and Canada August 25th!!

The collection includes:

πŸ’‹ 21 various shades eyeshadow palette for $48

πŸ’‹ 6 piece bear ( Moschino’s signature) lipgloss chain $32

πŸ’‹ Bear highlighter $22

πŸ’‹ 5 piece bear makeup brushes set $54

πŸ’‹ Shopping bag mini palette $18

πŸ’‹ Bear eye mask $20

πŸ’‹ Bear shaped compact mirror $18

πŸ’‹ Perfume (which is currently sold out at the moment)

Which item or items will you be buying? Let me know in the comments below

Viva Glam Taraji 2

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos
My heart skipped a beat today when I read that my favorite actress has collaborated with Mac Cosmetics to bring a part two to us and expand the Viva Glam family.
If you are not familiar with Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam line, it’s a charity line dedicated to help bring shelter, food, clothing,and medicine to men, women, and children affected with the H.I.V and/or Aids virus. 100% of the proceeds goes to the Mac AIDS fund.
The collection will feature a sexy copper lipstick and a beautiful goldish bronze lip glass perfect for medium to deep skin tones.
The lipstick and lip glass will hit stores in the U.S September 7th!!! Will you be adding them to your collection??
Ps. Keep in mind like all Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glasses they are limited edition, When Mac partners to bring a new Viva Glam lipstick and lip glass the older ones become discontinued so if you loved Taraji’s first Viva Glam collaboration stick up before it’s gone forever!!!