My Summer Skincare Routine

On my personal instagram page (, I uploaded this picture of my summer skincare routine. This is not only just for the summer, this has been a big help in keeping my breakouts to minimum to barely and shrinking my pores to barely noticeable. I have a very good routine. On the two days a week I do my facial I use my bentonite clay mixed with a little baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and water. I then follow up with either the Freeman's beauty black sugar scrub, apple cider vinegar wash, or my L'Oréal red clay mask wash, followed by skin success clear complexion soap, which has been clearing the stubborn dark spots I got from over tweeting, or my black soap which I use to bathe with as well. When I am lazy I will use either my clear complexion soap or black soap. I also use the equate version of noxema as well as dove sensitive soap. I have a black charcoal peel mask and egg white mask as well as a mud mask. I like to moisturize with my L'Oréal revitalift after I use my pure vitamin e and c oils, but if my skin is experiencing excessive dryness or I'm too lazy to mix oils I use my facial lotion in the yellow jar, because it has oils already in it and a very little goes a long way. I like to tone with pure witch hazel that I add dry thyme leaves too that has my skin glowing or I will use the equate version of Clinique's toner. I sometimes uses my apple cider vinegar and water mixed toner especially if the breakouts are red and irritated. The Vichy serum works great under my moisturizers it doesn't leave my skin extra oily and the aloe Vera gel works great as well. I have a lot of skincare products, as a makeup artist I love to focus on the skin. If the skin is flawless so will the makeup and the highlights will only amplify the natural glow. I received the Vichy serum and the L'Oréal revitalift moisturizer for free from Influenster in exchange for my honest opinion. If you are not familiar with Influenster please go back a blog post and read and see how you can test products for free in exchange for your honest opinion.


Influenster and L’OrĂ©al Paris #RevitaliftChallenge

Hey guys as you all know I am an Influenster. If you are not familiar with Influenster, it is a FREE app for iPhone and android where you give reviews on products from beauty to alcohol (yes you can review the best wine or mixers) you can also ask questions for other Influensters to answer as well give your advice or recommendations. You can also create lists from your opinions. You also Participate in challenges to gain scores and to make the list to qualify for vox boxes. Download the app to get started today ((FYI this is NOT sponsored))

Now to the topic at hand. From the pictures and of course the topic I am participating in the Rivatalift challenge, for 14 days I get to use this moisturizer to see if there will be a difference in my skin. I am so excited for this challenge and can’t wait to see the results!! My first impression is this moisturizer smells so good and is lightweight definitely not greasy so if you are reading this blog and taking the challenge please let me know your first impression!!

My Current Skincare Routine


The other night at school a counselor asked me what I’ve been doing to my skin because it was clear. At first,I was shocked because as I write my skin has a few breakouts and I’m trying to clear these stubborn dark marks,but as I looked in the mirror when I got home,I did notice my skin was glowing more than usual. So I decided to continue this routine my revisiting my old go to products.
My go to staples are :
👑White Dove Soap when I don’t feel like using a wash and want something gentle. I also use pear soap that you can get from the Dollar Tree,its a translucent gold soap I will use for breakouts.
👑Noxema Antibacterial wash I use this almost everyday its a constant repurchase. I highly recommend it. When I consult with a client and we discuss proper skincare,I always tell them to clear acne,you first have to kill the bacteria that causes acne and Noxema is perfect.
👑 My Thyme toner I made from watching a YouTube video. I must confess my skin has been glowing!!! I love the thyme and witch hazel together. This is my favorite toner I will always use this toner. I change the thyme after two uses and I don’t drain my thyme I just let it sit in the witch hazel because I feel the more it sets more potent it will become and work better.
👑 for moisturizing I currently rotate between my equate sensitive skin moisturizer(dupe for Neutrogena) or my Mary Kay day time treatment,since my skin is naturally oily I can skip but I prefer not too BC they contain an SPF ,which is very important!!!
👑  I scrub my face every week and I rotate between my strivectin scrub and my St.Ives Blemish Control scrub. Scrubbing the face weekly rids your face and skin of dead skin cells and gives a gateway to new skin. Just recently I decided to use my strivectin scrub on my arm pits and it worked wonders!!! The black color is fading and I’m happy so every week I make it a habit of scrubbing my arm pits to rid of deoderant or aluminium build up.
👑 Every month twice a month I use a mask. I have two I use a bentonite clay mask or my queen Helene mint julep mask.  A monthly mask can also help rid of dead skin and pollutants and make the skin soft and firm.
I also enjoy making my own skin products and using organic. I know what’s in it and I don’t have to guess. I hope this helps if you have questions feel free to drop them below and I will answer


New Addition to skin routine


I have oily/acne/combination skin 😱 it does its own thing,include tell me that I haven’t been eating healthy. Lately my skin has been giving me random breakouts. So in order to get her glowing again. I have to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Now I love the Noxema Antibacterial Wash,I keep that in constant rotation for me and my daughters. I highly recommend this as a at home facial collection item,but because I’m a Makeup Artist and soon to be Esthetician and a product junkie,I had to try this product.
I’m a Certified Nursing Assistant  and sanitation is very important,so I’m very familiar with the gold dial being that I actually used that on my face when I broke out with a cluster of red bumps that hurt like hell. So seeing Dial finally come out with a facial line is right on time. I will give a full review or update in a week