Makeup Tales: Homecoming 2019

The high school homecoming season has come and is now almost gone. I did not get the turn out I prayed for, but it’s ok. I still was able to slay someone for their special day.

My little cousin chose me to be her mua for her senior homecoming, she was wearing black and silver so I stuck with the theme.

Product details:

Skin prep: micellar water

Simple facial moisturizer


La girl dark brown gel liner

Ruby kisses cream contour palette


La Girl pro concealer “medium beige”

Makeup Revolution eye primer

The Crayon Case ” Box of Crayons” palette ( silver and black colors)

Juvia’s Place ” Warrior” palette ( ahosi as a transition and brow bone highlight and Kano as a transition color to help blend the black out)

Sonia Kashuk black gel liner

Silver glitter

Colors repeated on lower lash line

Jordana cosmetics black eyeliner pencil in water line

Natural lashes from my soon to launch lash line


Nicka K 24k primer

Maybelline Fit Me foundations ” Spicy Brown” In center of the face and “Mocha” outer perimeter

Bare Minerals press powder

Ruby kisses cream and powder contour kits

Cover girl Queen bronzer

Juvia’s Place Warrior palette “Kano” and “Mino” to bronze and contour with

The Crayon Case ” Anglowla” highlighter over

Nyx bronzer drops

“Idia” as a highlighter on top from the juvia’s Place Warrior palette

Elf “Brick” blush

Set with Bare Minerals Dewey setting spray


La Colors dark brown eyeliner blended out with clear lipgloss and topped with a nude color from the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip kit volume one.

I am looking to add more items to my kit if you have any products recommends please comment below.

Review Time: Glamlite Paint Palette

I recently bought the Glamlite Paint Palette when it was on pre sale. I’m no stranger to Glamlite, I have the Burger palette and the pigmentation on it is phenomenal, so I know I would get great quality.

The palette retails for $40, if you download the Afterpay app and use an affiliate code, you will get a discount and pay in 4 installments.

The palette comes with 18 vibrant colors you will get mattes and shimmers. The colors worked well with my Maybelline skin concealer, but would not work with my elf 16 hour concealer. The colors blended well together and the more the colors sat the more vibrant they became.

This palette is said to be limited edition, you can check on the website to see if they are still available. A good dupe would be Pinky Rose Cosmetics “Bright Lights” palette, but you won’t get all the colors, if you just want the bright colors, like the coral, purple, yellow, orange, etc then you can purchase that palette.

Here’s the product breakdown:

Skin prep: micellar water and vitamin E lotion


Ulta Beauty soft brown brow gel and Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel pomade cleaned with La Girl pro concealer ” medium beige”


Milani eyeshadow primer

Maybelline Skin concealer ” fair”

Glamlite Paint Palette ( “yellow”, ” coral”, ” purple”, and “fuchsia”), repeated on lower lash line but I added a discontinued lime green shimmer eyeshadow single by Sally’s Girl

Jordana Cosmetic retractable baby blue eyeliner “Bliss”

Natural lashes from my soon to launch lash line

Ulta Beauty voluminous mascara


Nicka K 24k primer

Elf poreless primer putty

Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundations ” Sun Beige” center of my face and “Golden Caramel”

La Girl pro concealer ” medium beige” and I can’t remember the other I’m so sorry

Ruby kisses cream contour palette

My setting powder from my line coming soon to set highlight and the juvia’s Place Warrior palette to set contours

Rimmel London matte press powder “pecan” to bronze

Sally’s Beauty highlighter ( discontinued) and maybelline highlighter

I used the fuchsia color from the palette as a blush

Set with Morphe setting spray


I combined two wet n wild liquid catsuit lipsticks

That’s it

Oh Baby 👶🏽!

Happy Monday creators! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great, I can’t complain, Saturday, I went out of town to attend a baby shower, my best friend’s cousin, whom I known since a little girl, is having her first baby! A daughter whom she’s naming Adrianna , where has the time gone?

My makeup was simple a natural Dewey glow nothing overwhelming but definitely creating Canvases Makeup style!


Skin prep: usual

Brows: usual

Eyes: usual prime and base and the shadows were juvia’s Place Warrior palette and Nicka K birthday palette ( which is an affordable dupe to Huda Beauty colorful palette)

Occ white eyeliner

Sonia Kashuk Brown gel liner

Lashes from my soon to launch lash line

Face: prep the same, contour the same

Revlon Candid foundation

Fashion Fair Air highlighter

Nicka k birthday palette ( I used the matte red shadow for blush)

Lips: my nude combo I concocted:

Black Radiance Hollywood Hot liquid lipstick

Mauve nude lip liner

The Crayon Case Clean Kisses lipgloss

Set and tone was the same

Getting Urban with Maybelline

I am a huge fan of maybelline products, if you follow me on here and as well as my other pages, then you know that the Fit me line is my top foundation to use on my clients and myself.

Maybelline has a full coverage matte foundation so I was curious about the new foundation that is said to be full coverage.

Pictured above is the shade I selected to try, after letting it oxidize I will have to purchase the other shade to mix to get my shade, I like to be a shade darker bc I love a bright highlight in my inner corner to brighten my face.

The foundation is said to be full coverage but it didn’t appear to be full coverage on me, I had to apply in the areas twice where more coverage is needed. The foundation is not matte but a more natural finish, similar to the Revlon Candid foundation. The retail price is $10.98 at Walmart which is the cheapest retailer and the shade range is not long, so my deep melanin queen’s will have to order unfortunately.

The consistency is liquid a runny liquid and is best applied with a beauty blender.

I say it’s a buy if you’re looking for semi full coverage foundation with a natural finish then this foundation is for you and for my sun conscious people it does contain spf which will cause flashback, keep that in mind.

Weezyana Fest 2019

Hello beautiful people, yes, it’s been a while, but I’m back and I’m bringing new posts with me.

Saturday, my sister and I attended the annual Weezyana Fest, started by New Orleans native rapper, Lil Wayne, this was our first festival by him and we were excited!

I’m not going to go into details about the event who was the lineup etc, but I will say unless he hosts it in a building I won’t be in attendance. I, unfortunately, ended up being trampled on! I wasn’t hurt badly, but that Monday I felt it I was sore from head to toe, I’m thankful I’m better now.

Here’s the details of our faces of the day for the event:


Prep: witch hazel and Garnier rose spray mist

Brows: La Girl Cosmetics dark brown gel liner cleaned with my Ruby Kisses Cosmetics cream contour kit


Milani Cosmetics eye primer

Elf Cosmetics 16 hour camouflage concealer ” medium beige” as a base

Juvia’s Place palette the green one

Nicka k palette

Wet n wild yellow eyeliner

My own lashes from my soon to launch lash line

La Colors matte black eyeliner


Elf jelly primer

Airspun translucent powder with elf primer putty to set my t zone

Maybelline urban cover foundation “soft tan” my first impression review is coming up next

Hard candy camouflage concealer in medium tan to highlight along with my elf camouflage concealer

Rimmel London matte press powder in “pecan” to contour and bronze

Ruby kisses cream contour palette in medium/deep, I took the cream highlighter and added to my highest points of my cheeks as well as my apple and nose and chin, I no longer highlight my forehead I like how it looks as is

Highlight: I forgot the first highlighter I used but I wanted a bling so I used Fashion Fair “Air” highlight

Lips: Beauty supply store neon orange liquid lipstick

Blush: nyx orange cream blush and orange powder blush

Maybelline mascara

I toned down the powder with my Garnier rose spray and I set with the Morphe setting spray

🎨 look #2:🎨

Products used

Skin prep: witch hazel and Elf jelly primer

Brows and eye set was the same


Juvia’s Place Warrior palette and Urban Decay Electric palette

Sonia Kashuk black gel liner

My lashes from soon to be lash line

Occ white eyeliner pencil

Wet n wild mascara


Maybelline fit me Dewey foundation “Spicy Brown ” in center of the face with Elf flawless foundation ” Bronze” on outer perimeter

Maybelline fit me foundation “java” to contour

Covergirl Queen Ebony bronzer to bronze

Ruby kisses powder contour palette to set contour

Elf dark setting powder in areas I haven’t touched

Ruby kisses cream contour kit to highlight

My setting powder to set highlight

I highlighted using the Warrior palette the bronze color worked perfect

Lips: Anastasia Beverly Hills lip kit the blue color

I used everything I used on me to soften the powder look and set

Blush: elf brick blush

Hello: Throwbacks and Updates

Hey hey beauties! Don’t shoot me, I haven’t disappeared off earth, I just been so busy lately that I forget to upload and update. I’m human lol.

Thank you for the love and the views on my blog, but most importantly THANK YOU FOR STICKING AROUND AND SUPPORTING ME, I truly love what I do and I truly love being honest even if it pisses people off.

Where have I been?

Actually, I’ve been hanging on my other handles, including Twitter, I’m creating visual fashion sets, I’m going to put more focus into my style blog as well so if you follow my fashion blog bethestylegosssip you will see new beginnings a complete glow up.

I’ve bought plenty of new palettes to review and a new foundation, I haven’t made it to any new pr lists, but hey the show must go on.

I have done some faces and I most likely won’t be doing a separate blog on that unless it’s to review a new product I’ve added to my kits. I will probably do a look book and that’s it, I find you guys love more of my product reviews than client takes.

Yes, I’m still alive, thank you again and I’ll be posting really soon ❤️

Barbie Dreams

This weekend I attended my best friend’s daughter’s second birthday party and I wanted to wear makeup, but I didn’t want to be colorful, so I needed to get a video out as well, I was thinking why not do a simple everyday face, but with a twist and record it?

This is my simple everyday face with a pop of color, I would wear this when I didn’t feel like wearing a complete eye and I jazzed it up by adding glitter, I was in the Barbie mood, do you beauties like the hair?

You can view the video here on my youtube channel if you’re inspired, please like, comment, and most importantly subscribe, the more views the more I could continue putting out videos and get my content scene across the world and to these brands dolls!

I was feeling like a Barbie too with my shirt and things! Here’s the product details and my final thoughts on the Revlon Candid foundation as well.

Skin prep:

Witch hazel with thyme leaves

Garnier rose facial spray for soothing

It Cosmetics moisturizer in my t zone only, ya girl was overly dry and uncomfortable


Nyx Hydro Touch primer oil

Translucent powder in my t zone

Nicka K 24k primer, this primer has a silicone base which will make the foundation stick. I added this to my outer perimeter of my face.

Revlon Candid foundation #430 “Honey Beige” this foundation is worth it. It melts into my skin, leaving a soft natural glow. It’s medium to buildable coverage and doesn’t cake, my foundation lasted all day. This is now my top favorite foundation.

Under the foundation I highlighted with my Ruby Kisses cream contour kit just a trick I picked back up to give that “umph to my face. Then I highlight and contour with the same palette.

I set the contour with the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit and highlighted with the Juvia’s Place Warrior palette

Blush was from a Profusion Cosmetics palette

Lashes will be from my lash line coming very soon

I didn’t put any shadow on my lid, but I did put the Milani eye primer on my lid, foundation, and set with the Maybelline superstay press powder and I added the powder to the rest of my face where I didn’t highlight and contour.

Lips: Jordana Cosmetics purple lip liner , The Crayon Case “Hell Fire” liquid lipstick with “Private Kisses” lip gloss

I soften the powder with the Mario Badsecu spray and set with the Morphe setting spray

Pink shadow: The Bakers shop and glitter “Jolie Cantin ” from Creole Spice Cosmetics

Getting Candid

Turn up Thursday beauties, thank you all for the love shown on my last post, in case you don’t know there is an eyetorial on the bronze look using the Morphe 35g palette, you already know my thoughts now go watch my look on this hot girl summer palette.

In the video, I mentioned, I am wearing a brand new foundation and that foundation is the Revlon Candid foundation. This foundation is suppose to mimic the skin and contain vitamin E to help the skin. It is also called the clean beauty foundation.

Revlon was founded in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson whom were Jewish American and by chemist Charles Lachman, whom contributed the “L” in Revlon.

This 87 year old beauty brand has definitely came a long way. Revlon like the older beauty brands was not women of color friendly. It’s not their fault as this brand was created during a time when being a woman of color was an afterthought.

When I first started freelancing, I had my sister whom is dark deepest, purchase her foundation, her choice was Revlon photo ready foundation and her shade was the darkest shade and the under tone was red, so it’s great seeing revlon and the other brands expand to add ethnic shades to their line.

This foundation is light weight and melts into the skin and actually does mimic the skin. I loved how the foundation was an exact match and while finding my shades I discovered they took the time to create in between colors as well. The foundation is a Dewey finish so it doesn’t dry down matte and it leaves a soft glow not overbearing.

I give this foundation a 10/10 in affordability ($8.97 @ Walmart) , diverse line, long wearing, light weight, and exact match. The foundation does transfer but it’s no biggie for me. I will collect the entire line to use together. I wish they gave you more foundation being it’s in a small pump bottle, but it’s enough to use for a while like a month or two before repurchasing.

I suggest this affordable foundation and I suggest in price wise shop at your nearest Walmart.

Bronze Goals

Hot girl summer is in full effect on my end, lol, seriously, I’ve been wanting to do a bronze, tan, sun kissed eyetorial, so last night I got my chance.

This bronze eyetorial will be available on my YouTube channel real soon, it’s uploading as I write. I used the much waited on Morphe Cosmetics 35g “Bronze Goals” palette. I bought this palette from Ulta Beauty when it first launched and only played in it one time, on my daughter, that I remember.

This palette have beautiful metallics golds and bronzes, peaches and corals with matte reddish browns and browns, burgundies and bronzes, definitely a vacation vibe palette.

I also tried a new foundation that is very affordable from Revlon called ” Candid” foundation, it’s a medium to buildable coverage that is a demi matte. I am in the color 430 ” Soft Honey”. My first impression of this foundation is beautiful, the color matched me perfectly and blended into my skin like a dream. The foundation was comfortable on my face and I will come back in a month to do a separate tutorial and review.

Here’s the product breakdown:

Skin: rose toner and mist

Brows: beauty supply store brown gel liner, lined with my brow pencil ( coming soon) and Hard Candy Camouflage concealer in “Honey”

Eyes: Milani eye primer ( used on brows), Hard Candy Camouflage concealer ( which didn’t mix well with the shadows, so try the Elf camo concealer instead) , Morphe 35g Bronze Goals palette, Sonia Kashuk brown gel eyeliner, maybelline mascara, my lashes in “Signature” launching soon, jordana brown eyeliner


Fenty Beauty primer, Elf poreless putty, Airspun translucent powder in my t zone only , Revlon Candid foundation, Maybelline concealer for medium deep skin tones, Wet n Wild photofocus concealer in “fair” and “deep”, Rimmel London press powders in ” fair” and “pecan”, Wet n Wild liquid highlighter with The Crayon Case ” Anglowla” highlighter and a shimmer bronze blush from a Profusion blush quad.


I wanted to use a Mac lipstick from the Aladdin collection, but it was too mauve, so I chose the Maybelline superstay ink liquid lipstick in ” forever” and added a milani metallic liquid lipstick in the center.

glitter for the inner corner bling was “Cher Baby ” by Creole Spice Cosmetics I am a “Creole Doll”

One Brand One Look

Hurricane Barry has came and went and has left me without lights for the past 5 days!! I’m so irritated so I’ve been floating between hotels except for last night when I returned to work.

I finally got to the bottom of my headaches and I have a sinus infection, I’m on antibiotics and meds to stop the headaches. I’ll be good and back to normal in ten days.

Ok, I’m making the best of the situation so tonight, I went forth with my makeup looks and decided to create an entire look using one brand.

The brand I chose First was Wet n Wild cosmetics. I have been using this brand since jr high and its the same age as me… 40 years old, wouldn’t it be exciting to see the brand share me and some muas/mues the same age as the brand?

The trio shadow I used tonight was limited edition, but I’m going to be honest besides incorporating a few other brands into the look, because Wet N Wild doesn’t or haven’t created those products yet, the trio wasn’t all that it was an easy pass, but because I’m obsessed with the brand I had to try them.

When it comes to affordability Wet n Wild ranks #1. The brand has evolved in its 40 years in business and has remained true to its affordable motto. The brand is owned by Markwin which also owns physican’s formula and Lip Smacker. They also expanded an African American line as well called Black Radiance, though Wet N Wild and Black Radiance are sisters, they are NOT twins.

I noticed around 2013 the brand rebranded and reformulated their formula. Since then most of the palettes I have are discontinued or was limited edition which was the case with the trio I used tonight.

I always recommend Wet n Wild to any makeup artist or Mue, you can get a lot of products to start your journey including brushes and you can shop online as well.

The trio I used tonight didn’t have the best color payoff and the orange was chalky and the yellow was extremely pale, but I made it work by using another palette as well.

What are your favorite Wet n Wild products?

Product details:

Skin: the usual except moisturizer ( I do have a blog on why I skip moisturizer during the summer)

Brows: Starry brown gel liner ( I explain my brow options in my soon to be uploaded video, go subscribe) and cleaned with Wet n Wild photofocus concealer and foundation

Eyes: the limited edition trio and Rosè in the air palette

WnW primer and mega concealer stick

WnW black gel liner

Kiss lashes

WnW Black brown eyeliner

The blue from the trio was my favorite, I thought the orange would be exactly like in the trio, I had to build up the color.


WnW rose primer

Elf cosmetics poreless putty

Translucent powder in the t zone

WnW photofocus liquid and stick foundations

WnW mega glow concealer and photofocus concealers the highlight was set with banana powder)

I forgot my other concealer so I contoured with the duo Toffee megalast contour and highlight duo.

The rest of the face was set with WnW photofocus press powder

WnW mega glo liquid highlighter and highlighter

WnW blush Berry Mellow

Lipstick: WnW catsuit liquid lipstick

Set with WnW setting spray