Welcome to my world


Hi! Welcome to my page. I’m so excited to finally create my blog and bring to life everything that I’ve been working so hard for. Here’s a little information about me
I’m a Louisiana based Makeup Artist and Aspiring Personal Stylist. I’m am also a Cosmetology Student. If I have to describe me, it would be eclectic. I don’t believe that there is no rules to makeup or your style and that you should either tell a story through your makeup or silently command attention through your style. Makeup you should wear how you want,but tastefully. I believe with makeup, I can be what I want and sometimes my makeup reflects that. Do I wear makeup all the time? No, because a true makeup artist knows the importance of letting your natural beauty shine,your skin air,and sometimes when there is an early morning appointment makeup is the last thing that you are worrying about for you.
My introduction into makeup came through my late mother and aunts. My mom and youngest aunt wore makeup everyday seriously, seeing them put on makeup was intriguing, but I was more of a press powder, lipstick, one eye color girl with either a lip gloss or black or brown eyeliner. It wasn’t until prior to my mom’s death and the residents at the nursing home that I worked as a CNA and an old friend introduced me to YouTube that I became interested. I knew of the late great Kevyn Aucoin, BC I wanted to be a super model like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss, but figured I wanted to be in front of the camera instead  of in the background, plus, I’m from a small town my best bet was to be a nurse and call it a day. I was a mom still am and those dreams and those dreams was over.
When my mom passed in 2009, I turned to my very small makeup collection and started playing with color. I went to Ross Department Store and bought a profusion palette and just started playing thus creating who I am today TheBlushingBeauty
Style has always been my niche, I watched my cousin and learned from him how putting together an outfit and stand out to how he took care of his stuff and even how he arranged his stuff. Then I started reading YM magazine, Seventeen magazine, and Teen magazine and it took off from there. Style should tell your story how you perceive the world never jump on a trend always stand out its OK to mimic you favorite celebrity but being your own there is more than one way to wear a basic tee.
So with that being said who am I? A southern girl making her mark while standing out. Web coming soon, also follow me on these sites:
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