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Pride πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ 2018

June is Pride month for my gay friends and what better way to support them by using my “Box of Crayons ” palette from The Crayon Case.

Rainbows signifies gay pride in the gay community, so I decided to keep the tradition going by doing the signature rainbow look.

Here’s the details on this look:

Mist my face with Mario Badescu rose water spray ( I no longer moisturize I just use my primer)

Brows: La Colors brow pomade “dark brown”

Cleaned up with Makeup Revolution concealer “C9”


Too Faced primer potion “original”

Makeup Revolution concealer “c9” and La Colors concealer “light” ( I did not set, so the colors can be vibrant )

Wet n Wild “Rose’ in the Air” palette ( I used the the light transition color as a transition in my crease”

The Crayon Case “Box of Crayons” palette. I used Orange (shimmer) in my crease, Red (matte) below the crease blended into my crease and added to my outer v. I then cut my crease using the Kat Von D white concealer and letting it get tacky, I added white (shimmer) to my inner corner lid as well as yellow (matte), and again the red color. On my bottom lid, I added purple, green (mattes), and blue (shimmer).

The top lid I used Wet n Wild black gel liner and a Hobby lobby black reflect glitter and on my bottom eye I used a black liner and added some very full lashes I will have more information on later.


Covergirl matte primer

La Colors matte foundation

I first used my bombshell cosmetic translucent powder to set my t zone and color corrected using La Colors orange concealer. I contoured with foundation for a more natural look using L’OrΓ©al tru match foundations and I used la Colors fair concealer to my highlight to add a touch of brightness. I set using my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (powder) and I highlighted with Fenty Beauty “Killawatt” highlight over Maybelline strobe liquid highlight.


A off brand champagne pink color lipstick lined with an off brand brown lip liner and Fenty Beauty “Gloss Bomb” lipgloss.

That’s it, I enjoyed this makeup look and it received a lot of engagements.


The Crayon Case Fest

Hey Beauties!!! It’s no stranger, it is me, lol, I know I’ve been m.i.a. And with good reason, I’ve been working a lot more, dreams has to be funded and reality is real, lol, but while I was away, I’ve been getting new makeup and skincare goodies and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Starting now,

On June 2nd, I had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans to attend The Crayon Case one year anniversary pop up shop. I live an hour and half away from New Orleans, so it’s not like I traveled far, lol.

If you’re not familiar with the brand The Crayon Case, here’s a little information for you. The Crayon Case is a woman owned, black owned makeup cosmetics brand, that was started by New Orleans native and Instagram celebrity, Supa Cent. Her brand is dedicated to amateur and pro makeup artists and makeup lovers. The cosmetic brand centers around a school theme as per makeup is an always continuing learning art.

I was excited to attend, because I wanted her always sold out palette “Box of Crayons” , which is a colorful palette, named after crayons, you would find in a crayon box, I already owned her ibrow pomade and concealer palette in number two.

The event was held at a pop up location in downtown New Orleans and the event was packed like a concert, she had vendors or small business owners there as well as food and drinks, but the line was wrapped around waiting to get our hands on her items!

After a few hours, it started raining and the line was extremely long so I left with my family to go browse in stores and let the crowd or line die down and one hour later I had my hand on the famous palette!

The trip was definitely worth it, though I did not meet the CEO Supa herself, I was just happy to be out to a makeup event and get my hands on “The Box of Crayons” palette.

Aaliyah x Mac

I’m so excited for this collection!!! It is long overdue. About a year or two ago a petition was started asking Mac to add the late singer Aaliyah to their list of collaborations as per as they done for the late singer Selena and as you can see it was a success!!!!

I’m guessing the lipstick that Mac has released a sneak peek of on their Instagram page will be called “Baby Girl” as that was Aaliyah’s nickname, all in all, I am excited for this collection.

Client Tales

I didn’t want to create two blog posts, yes, I’m being lazy so I wanted to share some client work I’ve done this month so far, the first is a neutral look for family photos and the second was for a gender reveal. All products were tagged on my Instagram which is CreatingCanvasesMakeup why aren’t you following πŸ€”


Hi beauties, today’s Look was inspired by the soda sprite. I consider myself an eclectic artist, I love to create conversations and head turning looks, and this look was a head turner today. I wear my makeup boldly and proudly, I simply believe that it’s only makeup it will come off and have fun with playing with color.

The products I used were:

Brows: Benefit brow pencil and cleaned up with the ruby kisses cream contour kit

Eyes: too Faced Shadow insurance primer

Since this was a two color look for the lime side I went in with a discontinued Revlon cream shadow kit and I used my Pinky Rose Cosmetic palette and my limited edition Wet and Wild palette and for the yellow side I based with my kat von d white concealer and I used both top palettes and a nyx yellow single shadow.

Icing white liquid eyeliner and occ Cosmetics white eyeliner pencil

Nicka K lashes which I’m loving at the moment

Face: Fenty Beauty pro filter primer I used Black Radiance banana powder to set my tzone. I color corrected with la Girl pro concealer Peach Corrector. I highlighted and contoured as well as bronzed with Ruby Kisses Cosmetics cream concealer palette in medium/dark and to set I used my Ulta Beauty powder contour palette and to powder bronze or set my bronzer Glamour Doll Cosmetics x Lisa Frank Bronzer. I highlighted with Mac soft n gentle highlighter and I used a Tarte blush my foundation was Ruby Kisses liquid foundation for acne, it is a semi matte foundation so it left me slightly Dewey which was cool because my skin is back dry ((Louisiana bipolar weather))


Nyx lip lingerie liquid lipstick and gloss in Miami babe

My Lil Pony

Tonight’s makeup look was inspired by my phone case which is my little pony. I must admit this look started off rocky and I almost ditched it. The Rue 21 eyeshadow I bought was very very chalky and my Kat Von D white concealer did not mix well with it, which caused the other shadows to appear patchy.

Since my skin is back oily (( yay)), I was able to use my Maybelline superstay Foundation, here’s the rest of the products used:

Brows: Benefits KaBrow pencil ( I’m not a fan, it tends to “disappear” and I end up reapplying after Foundation, though I’m very careful around my brows) and I concealed with my broadway concealer.


Too Faced Shadow insurance

La Girl pro concealer “natural”

Set with Bombshell Cosmetics translucent powder

Rue 21 eyeshadow palette (which again ended up being a disaster)

Pinky Rose Cosmetics “Bright Lights” palette

Wet n Wild limited edition palette

Bh Cosmetics pink palette

Icing whiting liquid eyeliner

Mink lashes

Beauty supply store white eyeliner

Pinky Rose palette on lower lid


Fenty Beauty primer

Maybelline super stay Foundation

Broadway concealer palette

Ulta Beauty powder contour palette

Black Radiance creamy concealer palette

Black Radiance banana powder

Covergirl Queen press powder


Wet n Wild liquid lipstick “Nudist Peach ” which seemed to be very very blotchy tonight with my star Cosmetics lip liner

To see the Look come together head to my Snapchat πŸ‘» Teeslaysfaces.

🍯 Honeybees 🍯

Yass beauties, I’m back with another prom inspired makeup look. Why wasn’t I a makeup artist during my prom time??? Confession: I never made it to my prom, life, teen parent, etc, but if I was a makeup artist or if they were more open to dress codes or what I would definitely be the one to remember!

This look was inspired by 🐝 bees and honey 🍯, I don’t know why, but the vision came and I was like why not? I never done a white eyeshadow let alone pair up white and black eyeshadows, so I was why not, and I decided to add yellow since I was in the yellow mood.

The products used were the same from previous posts, except for my brows I decided to upgrade and try the Benefit Cosmetics “KaBrow” pencil (thoughts later), and I used a limited edition Wet n Wild Beauty palette. The rest were my usuals, but I’m about to upgrade and rotate out.

My skin has been very dry lately and I’m an oily/combination gal, so my Maybelline Superstay Foundation wasn’t a good choice, but it didn’t irritate and I needed a full coverage foundation since this is a prom inspired look.

I used a Nyx lip lingerie liquid lipstick, the yellow with the black liner turned out to be a big no for me. The highlight was Fenty Beauty ” Trophy Wife”.

The Look was almost ditched, because of my contour.. it was too dark, but like a true makeup artist I hacked it, cleaned it up and it was all good in the hood!

I will be doing a tutorial on this look soon, follow me on Snapchat where it goes down first!

πŸ‘»: teeslaysfaces