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Nicki Minaj x Mac Cosmetics

There is nothing I like more than looking forward to a limited edition collection that I can add to my already grown makeup collection, so when I saw this, I knew I had to share!

Rumor has it that Mac Cosmetics will be collaborating with Rapper Nicki Minaj again to bring us some goodies!! Though Mac neither Nicki has confirmed, sources says the collection is to drop soon!!!

The rumored collection will feature two lipsticks that are nude and we know that lately Nicki has been feeling her nudes or pinky nudes. I do not have anymore information, but as it get closer I will update on THIS blog, so be checking randomly.

Will you be buying if this collaboration is true? I know I will!!

Disclaimer: the photo does not belong to me and is not the promo picture Upadate: the rumor is TRUE!!! Nicki Minaj and Mac Cosmetics has collaborated to drop the “Nude Collection!”

The collection will feature 6 lip glosses one which will be new, 2 lipsticks created by Nicki herself, which will be amplified, and 18 lipsticks which will feature new and re promoted lippies!! In the above picture (which i do not own) is said to be the two lipsticks Nicki created with Mac herself! The collection is rumored to drop In September between the 7-21st


Balmain x L’Oréal

It seems like "drugstore" Makeup lines are definitely refusing to stand in the background, after all when a girl wanted to wear makeup, she flocked to her local Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc right??? In recent years, brands such a Mac, Lancôme, Fashion Fair, Ester Lauder, became the "rage" among the younger makeup junkies, pushing drugstore makeup brands to the back burner, all that has been changing in recent years, Drugstore makeup brands have been stepping up their game and reformulating and repackaging causing just about every makeup artist no junkie cleaning off the shelves.
One brand that has been coming for the top spot is L'Oréal Paris. They caused a stir with their new mascara that is rivaling high end brand Too Faced "Better Than Sex" mascara packaging no all to now a collaboration with Balmain???!
Yes, the French Makeup brand is collaborating with the French Fashion brand to bring us 12 sassy, fashionable, bold, couture lipsticks!!! Now if you follow Balmain on their instagram and other handles as well as L'Oréal then you have seen a few sneak promo pictures, if not I have the pictures above. The pictures are not mine personally they were taken from Balmain's instagram page.
I am super excited, the collection is to drop September 17, 2017, so far not to much information has been out except there will be 12 lipsticks total. Balmain's creative director Oliver R. will most likely no, definitely have this line very couturish, the Balmain line is the most sought after line, did you see the frenzy it caused with the collaboration with H&M???
I am excited about the olive lipstick and of course the rose gold, simply because it's my favorite color!! The bluish purple will be a great addition to me because if you follow me then you know this girl love colors bold, bright on top of that!!! From the looks of it the lipstick is a dupe to Mac's "Royal Matte" I won't know for sure until I see more model makeup promo pictures.
Is anyone else excited? What are you getting? Comment and let me know!!