Playing In Dark Magic

Morphe Cosmetics has become one of my favorite brands, the line with their brushes is affordable and so far, I’m loving their products. I bought my second palette from Jaclyn Hill ‘s collaboration with Morphe. I’m almost done with the collection and I can’t be more excited. Before I get into the products details, letContinue reading “Playing In Dark Magic”

Simple Glamover

Hey Beauties it’s December!! The final chapter of 2017! Am I the only one that feels this year went by quickly?? I have to be honest this has been a rough year for me, so I’m ready to see some changes like seriously! Hopefully I will finally get noticed as a serious makeup artist. Anywho,Continue reading “Simple Glamover”

Free Samples With Pinch Me

Have you ever wanted to sample before you buy and give your opinion on the products? Now you can with Pinch Me. Pinch Me is a free sample site that sends samples geared from your profile. It’s free and quick to sign up to start receiving samples. The box arrives in 6-8 weeks with deluxeContinue reading “Free Samples With Pinch Me”

From Me To You

Thank you to all my loyal followers whom take the time to read and engage in my blog! It really means the world to me and I hope to continue to grow and become better for you!!❤️❤️❤️ Telika

You Got Style??

follow me on Instagram to see style sets such as these and more. The link to where to shop the look is in my Instagram bio. If you need a style look let me know as well as a budget so I can cater to your funds. Be on the lookout for more things comingContinue reading “You Got Style??”

My Fashion styling update

Hey guys! I wanted to do an update post on my aspiring fashion/personal styling career.So if you follow me on Instagram @thestylegosssip then you already know that I still upload visual styling sets every now and again. I still am pursuing my dream to break into fashion to add to my makeup artistry. I doContinue reading “My Fashion styling update”

My Style sets

Hi Guys So if you are new to my blog WELCOME!! I’m soo glad you came I’m eccentric so you won’t be disappointed 😂 My name is Telika and I’m a Louisiana freelance Makeup Artist and is trying to add fashion and personal styling to my credit, as well as becoming a licensed Cosmetologist thatContinue reading “My Style sets”