Sticking To The Routine

Hi guys! I’ve been working a lot more these days and my iPhone storage has been tripping so I haven’t been able to upload any videos ugh so happy I’m getting my iPad soon. I wanted to share my skincare routine with you while I’m working, my skin has seemed to revert back to itsContinue reading “Sticking To The Routine”

My Current Skincare Routine

I often tell my clients or customers that a good skincare routine will lead up to having a flawless base. Besides loving makeup, I am a skincare fanatic. I am always looking to try something new after I feel it’s time to temporary retire my current routine. I have oily/ combination skin, but find thatContinue reading “My Current Skincare Routine”

My Skincare Routine

A proper skincare routine is important if you are wearing makeup and want a flawless base,its just good periodt. As a freelance makeup artist, I love to talk to my clients/customers on the importance of having a skincare routine, prevent before it starts. DISCLAIMER: this is what works for ME, if you have a routineContinue reading “My Skincare Routine”

Oil Cleansing: Effective and Natural

The winter months can not only bring in cold weather, snow depending on where you live, and blues, but it can also reek havoc on your skin. I’m an oily combination with occasional acne breakouts, I live in Louisiana which means humidity, but lately, the weather has been bipolar, so my skin has been experiencingContinue reading “Oil Cleansing: Effective and Natural”

Artistry Tales: Concert Night

Today, I had a glam session, she was attending a concert and wanted a Smokey eye. Here’s the details: Skincare prep: witch hazel and simple facial lotion Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer La Girl Cosmetics Fawn concealer as a base Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Dark Horse palette Juvia’s Place Warrior palette Profusion shimmer paletteContinue reading “Artistry Tales: Concert Night”

Love My Skin: Favorite Skincare Product:

I am a future Esthetician, I am obsessed with everything beauty and skincare. I am always on the hunt for new products to grow to my collection. I always trick my skin as to not let it get comfortable as it will stop letting the products work, now don’t get me wrong, I have holyContinue reading “Love My Skin: Favorite Skincare Product:”

Kick in’ it with the carters : On the run 2 New Orleans

On September 13,2018, I attended my third concert ever and it was the best one ever my favorite couple and favorite singer and rapper Beyoncé and Jay Z carter. The entire On the run experience was the best, I danced until the end. My sister and I attended. I done both of our makeup. Here’sContinue reading “Kick in’ it with the carters : On the run 2 New Orleans”

Wild and Free with Ipsy

Yay! My ipsy bag has arrived and I must say I am pretty satisfied with what I received!If you are not familiar with Ipsy, it's a monthly subscription that has been around for quite a while. Ipsy was created by YouTube and Beauty Influenster Michelle Phan, for $10 per month, you will receive a themedContinue reading “Wild and Free with Ipsy”

From Me To You

Thank you to all my loyal followers whom take the time to read and engage in my blog! It really means the world to me and I hope to continue to grow and become better for you!!❤️❤️❤️ Telika

My Summer Skincare Routine

On my personal instagram page (, I uploaded this picture of my summer skincare routine. This is not only just for the summer, this has been a big help in keeping my breakouts to minimum to barely and shrinking my pores to barely noticeable. I have a very good routine. On the two daysContinue reading “My Summer Skincare Routine”