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Unicorn Dust🦄

Hey Beauties I’m back with another post. I wanted to share with you this beautiful soft look I created using this beautiful iridescent pink eyeshadow with blue reflects from Sephora called “unicorn dust” and I wanted to try out the sample I got of Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation.

The products I used are the same except for the foundation which I previously mentioned. I am loving the Double Wear foundation and is planning to buy it, it held up in the Louisiana to Mississippi heat, lol.

On my lips I am wearing a lipgloss from the Mac x Patrick Starr spring collection and I’m also wearing the blush as well ( my full review on this collection will be up soon).

I love the eyeshadow, but it could’ve been a bit more pigmented, I found a base that is geared toward high shimmer and reflect shadows so I will try that and give my opinion, I’m upset my camera didn’t capture how pretty shadow actually is.


Spellbounding with Ipsy

I received my Ipsy bag very late, someone stole my first bag and I found out when I logged into the Ipsy app and seen my package was supposedly delivered October 13th!! Now I can’t say for sure but this was the second package that went m.i.a on me, so I will be investing in a P.O. box enough is enough! Long story short I wrote ispy and all is well!

October’s Ipsy theme was “ Spellbound”, due to the incident I wasn’t able to get the lace bag that came with it I’m just grateful that I received a bag.

The items I received were;

It Cosmetics “ Bye Bye Pores” invisible powder mink sample

Tony and Moly mini Hand Cream

Essence Cosmetics blush

Furless Small crease brush

Jm Solution foaming facial wash ( I tried tonight, so far so good details will be on my updated facial care routine soon)

A pink fur bag and of course the theme card

If you are interested in Ipsy and would like to subscribe please refer to my previous posts thanks.

I rate the bag an A+ I love the great customer service, and all the products were worth it and will be put to great use.

Happy Halloween 🎃

Happy Halloween 🎃!!!

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I will be returning to YouTube soon I’m so excited !!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Halloween I hope to dress up next year this another year just wasn’t in my favor.

On a better note I would like to introduce y’all to my first granddaughter yes I’m an under 40 glam ma miss Hazel this is her first Halloween my pretty bat girl lol her parents were unable to bring her to see me so they sent me this picture I was sad, but she has cousins and friends to trick or treat with

Happy Halloween again guys!

Fenty Beauty Foundation Review

I finally bought the Fenty Beauty Foundation after the hype died down. I am one of those people that like to enjoy things after the hype is over.

The color I am in is #300, as you can see I have a very golden or warm skin tone. Today, I decided to give it a spin out. I wore it to my 8 hour work place.

Now, this is not my first time wearing my Fenty foundation however, it is the first I have worn it a longer period of time.

I have oily skin with small pores. My most problematic area is my nose when it comes to applying foundation. If I apply a primer on my nose it will slide and I hate that, so I took extra precautions.

I applied my Mary Kay primer, including my nose as well as a more filler, and mattifier. I then applied my Fenty foundation. Now with this foundation you have to work very quickly it dries fast!

The foundation is matte- very! It left an airbrush finish, I used a powder brush to apply, I currently do not have anything but the foundation from the line, but will have more including for my kit.

This foundation as you can see lasted for 8 hours! I did not oil up or had to retouch when I got home and turned my work look into a night look!

I highly recommend this foundation for my oily girls and I am hoping she comes out with foundation sticks so I can add those to my kits

’90s Inspired Glam

My daughter’s school is doing a theme week and tomorrow she chose to do the “90s”. Since I won’t be awoke to Glam her over, we decided to do a makeup look that was the trend or style as we use to say.

In the ’90s the makeup wasn’t over the top, more of simple, yet beautiful. Earth tones with glossy lips was the style. So I made her over based upon how I some what wore my makeup in high school.

Product information:

Brows: Elf Cosmetics brow gel with Ruby Kisses Cosmetics cream contour kit


Too Faced Cosmetics shadow insurance primer

Absolute Cosmetics palette

No name brown gel liner

eBay lashes


La Colors Cosmetics primer

Covergirl foundation “Tawny”

Maybelline Fit Me foundation “Coconut”

Ruby Kisses Cosmetics powder contour kit

Wet n Wild highlighter

I used a shimmer shadow from my eyeshadow kit as a blush


No name brown lineMac Cosmetics “Viva Glam 1”

Set with my Icing setting spray

This look was quick, simple, yet modern.this was a 15 minute look for me I did not wear false lashes in school just a lot of Maybelline mascara and I did not wear liquid foundation just a Covergirl press powder also no highlight and no contour so I really modernize this look to be up to date but still pay homage to an era that was a best time to live the age before modern technology.

From Me To You

Thank you to all my loyal followers whom take the time to read and engage in my blog! It really means the world to me and I hope to continue to grow and become better for you!!❤️❤️❤️ Telika

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