Live Glam/Morphe Me: December

Hi creators, I’m currently under the weather, but I had to share with you all my December Morphe me powered by live glam Morphe brushes (whew) for the month of December. If you’re not familiar with the Morphe Me subscription powered by Live Glam here’s a quick break down and a referral code to getContinue reading “Live Glam/Morphe Me: December”

Pumpkin Spice With Morphe

I received my LiveGlam x Morphe brushes for the month of October. This month’s theme was Pumpkin Spice and everything nice. If you’re not familiar with LiveGlam, I have a blog post detailing about this monthly brush subscription. I received for the month of October: E25- pointed foundation and concealer brush E30- blending fluff brushContinue reading “Pumpkin Spice With Morphe”

Drinking Tea 🍡 with Morphe

Hello beauties, I’m going to share with you a subscription that I am loving! No I didn’t drink tea with morphe, though that would’ve been great! I did receive my MorpheMe powered by LiveGlam brushes. MorpheMe is a monthly brush subscription for brush junkies, like myself, for $19.99 per month, you will receive 3-8 brushesContinue reading “Drinking Tea 🍡 with Morphe”

All You And Ipsy

Hey Beauties, I am back with another Ipsy Glam bag! This month’s theme is #IpsyAllYou. Before I get into what I received I must write that the same scenario happened to me AGAIN, but as always Ipsy came through and saved the day. If you are new and have no clue what I’m talking aboutContinue reading “All You And Ipsy”

Wild and Free with Ipsy

Yay! My ipsy bag has arrived and I must say I am pretty satisfied with what I received!If you are not familiar with Ipsy, it's a monthly subscription that has been around for quite a while. Ipsy was created by YouTube and Beauty Influenster Michelle Phan, for $10 per month, you will receive a themedContinue reading “Wild and Free with Ipsy”

January Ipsy

Hi Beauties I hope everyone is having a fabulous and fantastic 2016. I am sharing with you my January ipsy in time for my birthday. The only thing i wished was that ipsy included a deluxe birthday item. That would’ve been great lol. This is what was included in my ipsy bag: πŸ’„The Balm CosmeticsContinue reading “January Ipsy”

November Ipsy Subscription

Hi Beauties here’s my November Ipsy Subscription. If you are not familiar with Ipsy please refer to my previous posts or head to for more info. This months theme was “Beauty Blast” I received my contents in a cute galaxy bag that I am planning to put in my brand new purse that finallyContinue reading “November Ipsy Subscription”

October Ipsy Glam Bag

Hey Beauties don’t kill me,lol. I’m here to share with you my October Ipsy bag. If you are new to my blog and to me please read all about me under the “about me” section and under “beauty news” to get familiar with the monthly subscription. This month’s theme was “Alter Ego” which everyone hasContinue reading “October Ipsy Glam Bag”

May Ipsy: Jetsetter

Hi Beauties, I finally got around to uploading my May Ipsy bag. This month’s theme was “Jetsetter” perfect for the diva and divo on the go. If you are not familiar with Ipsy, here’s some info for you: Ipsy is a monthly subscription service for $10 per month, you will receive 5 deluxe samples ofContinue reading “May Ipsy: Jetsetter”

May Cocotique

Hi Beauties my Cocotique subscription box has arrived and it was filled with not one, not two, but three full size items!!! Cocotique has wowed me again. If you hadn’t heard of Cocotique then here is a brief…Cocotique is a monthly subscription service for African American or bicultural women, every month for $20 you willContinue reading “May Cocotique”