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Simple and bold all summer ’17

Hello!! Louisiana tends to get extremely hot so I decided my signature look will be a simple face and a bold lip. Summer is the PERFECT time to go bold. Yesterday I decided to try my sample of the Lancôme Teint Idole foundation I gotten from Dillard’s about a month ago. I am in the market of expanding my foundation line and I want to start buying more “higher end” foundations and since I have heard rave reviews why start with Lancôme?? My first impression is that it’s very comfortable on the face for me a little went along way I just added more where I needed the coverage and that was in my t zone. The Foundation lasted even through the heat and I sweated lol. This is now on my buy list. 

The very bold orange lip I am rocking is “Matte Bright” by Black Radiance Cosmetics. This liquid matte lipstick is very bright, I actually built it up bc I wanted to blind the people, but a little goes a long way for this as well. The lippie can be drying but applying a lip balm, wipe, then apply the lippie you should be fine. This lipstick does has lasting powers so you won’t be reapplying as much. This lippie works great with medium to deep skin tones. Though Black Radiance is catered to Women or Men of color (it is NOT black owned) the liquid lipsticks can work for ALL skin tones! 

If you are not already, please follow me on Snapchat at CreatingCanvasesMakeup there I am giving my opinion on this lippie and I talk about a blinding highlight you won’t believe from…and it cost me only $1.99


Wet -N- Wild Venice Beach


Finally after MONTHS of searching and giving up, I FINALLY found (by mistake) the 8 pan palettes by Wet n Wild that was released this past summer for their limited edition “Venice Beach” collection.
In this collection their were three 8 pan palettes, two were bright, bold colors and one was a bright mid tone colors.  The names of the palettes are from left to right are: ” Hemporary Solutions”, which is a bright,bold palette, it contained six matte colors and two shimmer colors. The two shimmer colors happen to be the two greens.
” High Flying Colors” is the middle which is the cool,midtone color palette.this palette has four shimmers and a beautiful gray that could be used in the fall.
Lastly,” BoardWalk Boozing” which at this point Wet n Wild decided to just dupe the first by a color or two and add a lime yellowish green. This palette was even out with three mattes and three shimmers. I found these palettes at my local Kmart and caught them on sale for $2.49,each which was .50 cents off each not bad.