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Smokey Eye with a Hint of Orange 

Hi beauties I haven’t posted in a few weeks, but as I said before follow me on my social media pages to keep up with me .

Tonight my model,my youngest daughter let me create this look inspired by prom season. I decided to add a pop of color to the traditional smokey eye. Here’s a list of product breakdowns:

I prepped her skin with my witch hazel and thyme leaves mixture, then primed the skin with Mary Kay skin primer

Brows: Ruby Kisses Cosmetics brow pencil (dark brown) and then to clean them up I also used the Ruby Kisses highlight and contour kit for medium to deep skin skin. I set them with the Ulta brow kit

Eyes: I primed with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I used a medium brown shadow from the Ruby Kisses Cosmetics Contour kit and the oranges came from the Urban Decay Electric palette and from my eBay neon shadows palette and my Mayo Cosmetics neon pigment. The black came from an eBay neutral palette. I used NYX Cosmetics Black Bean as a base

Contour: Ruby Kisses Cosmetics cream contour kit and was set the Ruby Kisses powder contour kit

Foundation: Maybelline Fit me foundation in “Coconut” I used a brown from the ruby kisses palette to set the foundation

Highlight: the gold cream from the ruby kisses palette and Mac Cosmetics “Soft and Gentle”

Lashes: La colors lashes in the style “Danity”

Mascara: Wet n Wild mascara 

Blush: Black Radiance Cosmetics “Raspberry ”

Lips: Wet n Wild brown liner and an La Color lipgloss 

I set with the Elf Cosmetics setting spray 

French Quarter Fest 2017

Hello beauties I just wanted to share my fotd which is a simple natural everyday Face for me unless I am feeling glam lol. Sunday, we attended the French Quarter festival in New Orleans for the first time. This year I refuse to remain in the house letting life pass me by. 

For my Foundation I chose Fashion Fair Cosmetics Foundation stick in “Honey”.  This stick provides medium buildable coverage. First of course I prepped my skin. I used my witch hazel and thyme leaves toner then moisturized with Mary Kay Time Wise moisturizer for oily/combination skin. I then primed using the Hard Candy primer for oily skin and Maybelline blur primer in my tzone. I set my tzone with Elf Cosmetics translucent power in invisible. For my eyes I used Too Faced Cosmetics primer and La colors concealer palette in medium, I took the lightest color and based my eyes and set that with the Elf Cosmetics translucent powder to prevent creasing. I then used Elf Cosmetics press powder in “Toffee” in my crease as a transition color after I based my entire eyelids with an Elf press powder. I then used my Too Faced “Sweet Peach” palette to add the pops of color in my crease as well as under my eyelid and in my eye corner. For my brow bone highlight I used my Elf press powder. I contoured with my la color contour duo and highlighted with the same la color concealer palette and set my highlight with my ruby kisses banana powder. I also highlighted with my Wet n Wild limited edition highlighter (which is a dupe for a Mac limited edition highlighter that I will discuss in my next post real soon). I also used my Becca Cosmetics moonstone on the tip and bridge of my nose as well as forehead. I cream contoured as well with a rue 21 contour kit and set it with the la color contour duo. My lips I outlined with a wet n Wild brow pencil in black/brown blended it out and wore wet n Wild nudist Peach. I set with my Elf primer must and Mac finishing spray. My blush was by black radiance and I did my brows with a Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in chocolate. I also color corrected with la girl color correction in orange. My lashes was by Salon Perfect #614 and I primed my lashes with wet n Wild lash primer and mascara was also by Wet n Wild. That’s it until the next post byyyyyeeee!!💋

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! I hadn’t participated in the green look in ages so I decided why not for 2017?? I broke out my Wet n Wild Cosmetics trio palette in “I Dream of Greenie” ( sorry it has been discontinued) and I used the “I Heart Matte” palette from the brand as well (sorry that is no longer available as well). I chose to use my NARS Foundation with my Wet n Wild Photo finish press power on top. I did not want a really bright highlight so I chose to use my Ulta Beauty Banana powder as my highlight. I contoured with my La Colors Cosmetics highlight and contour duo. On my lips I used Mac Cosmetics “Strip Poker” (limited edition) with La Colors matte liquid lipstick in “Suede” in the middle. For my blush I used my Tarte Cosmetics deluxe sample blush I received in my birthday box from Sephora and for my highlight I chose a cream based highlight from H&M and over it I put Wet n Wild beauty “Precious Metals” everything was set with the Wet n Wild setting spray that’s it🍀🍀🍀

My FoTd: Spring Fever

Hey guys happy Monday!! This morning I went back to my local Mac Cosmetics store to put in an application to try to get on again ((for the 100th plus time) as a freelancer only to get the runaround again for the 100th plus time, my daughters feel it’s time for me to give up and continue just doing my own thing and I have to agree yes it’s time to give up lol

Well for my “interview” look I decided to do a spring look (honestly I had no idea what I was going to do this came out of the blue). Spring is almost here ( well in Louisiana we don’t know we might just go straight into summer🤷🏽‍♀️) 

Well here’s the details. My skin is still acting crazy hopefully this week it will return to oily/combo. For Foundation I pulled out the old Mac Studio Finish Foundation. I primed with the Maybelline blur primer in my tzone and I moisturizer with Dermologica matte lotion. I put translucent powder in my tzone but will not on my nose the Foundation did not stick. For my eyes I primed with La colors concealer in “natural” and set it. I rotated between the Mac neutral palette and the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. My brows was the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in “chocolate” and the Wet n Wild beauty brow palette. I also used the Wet n Wild liner for my waterline and the NYC liquid eye liner. I contoured with the rue 21 cream contour palette and set with the LA Colors contour duo. I used the Wet n Wild Photo finish press powder to set my Face. I highlighted in my tzone with the LA Girls concealer in yellow and set it with the NYX banana press powder. For blush I used an old Ulta Beauty blush and highlighter duo and to highlight I used Wet n Wild highlight in “Precious Petals” for my lips I used Wet n Wild Catsuit liquid lipstick in “Nudist Peach”. Everything was set with Mac Fix plus and Wet n Wild setting sprays. My lashes is Salon Perfect #614 and I used a Wet n Wild mascara. That’s it guys talk to you later byeeee!!

Wet n Wild Spring Collection 

The Wet n Wild Spring Collection is finally here. I happened to find them at my local Walgreens (which is having a buy two get one free sale going on).

In the Collection there are two kabuki brushes, two lipstick palettes, two of each highlighters, and two of each eye shadow trios. I picked up the highlighters and one of each eye shadow trios. I passed on the kabuki brush and the lipstick palette, I simply was not interested.

The highlighters are beautiful, each one comes with a silver heart when combined together makes a pretty silverish color. The purple one is called “Lillac to Reality” and the pink is called “The Sweetest Bling”. In my opinion they will compliment every skin tone and they are pigmented.

The eye shadows are a trio. Only one has a matte which will make a great transition color for medium to medium dark skin tones and a great lid color for fair and dark skin tones.from left to right the trios names are:

💄”Will You Marina Me” is a shimmer trio with a beautiful brow bone color that can also double as a highlighter for medium to dark skin tones 

💄 “Heart and Heavy” which is shimmer with hint of reflect glitter

💄”Hieroglyphic Heart” is the only trio that has the matte color which is a good transition color for medium to medium dark skin tones and a great lid color for fair to dark skin tones 

In my opinion this Collection is pretty cool definitely great for Spring. I felt Wet n Wild should’ve released a few pastel color liquid lipsticks maybe two colorful mascaras, pastel blushes and eyeliners,but this Collection gets an A- it’s worth the buy.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation





Hey everyone!!!
So today me and my daughter decided to walk out and go grab some seafood ((Louisiana life))..while we were out I decided to stop into my neighborhood Walgreens and see if the new 2017 Wet n Wild products made it and to see what else is new in the world of drugstore makeup.
After seeing a boat load of new items. I FINALLY stumbled upon the new display!!! First, I have to give a big thank you to Walgreens, they is the ONLY store so far that had Women of Color foundation from the brand..it melted my heart. Secondly, the display was almost empty lol. I managed to get my color in foundation or I thought..my daughter was like “this is your shade mom” so after reading the shades descriptions on the display (shout to Wet n Wild for that it makes the picking so easy) I opted for her choice.
After trying on the foundation WITHOUT primer, I had to hi five my daughter,my little assistant has been paying attention. I let the foundation sit on my face to oxidize and….IT MATCHED!!!
This is my first impression:
Wet n Wild announced in late 2016 that they would be coming out with more “photo friendly or flash friendly” products. If you follow them on Instagram around december-ish you were able to see the new products on their instastory and were able to see popular beauty gurus review them.
I was all game for that because I am a HUGE Wet n Wild fan and this comes from my late mother buying Wet n Wild when I was a younger girl to having Wet n Wild in my collection when I was not a big makeup lover or a Makeup Artist,so whenever this brand releases anything its in my collection.
I was especially eager to try the new products out, because a girl needs photo friendly products and I am updating my kit and I need photo friendly products.
Wet n Wild promised that the foundation is flash friendly and it is!! As you can see in my pictures I took one with and without flash. Please excuse the flash picture I am still learning how to take better selfies lol. The product is medium coverage and build able,so you can add about two layers to get a full coverage. The foundation to me is waterproof friendly as well. It would not come off with just plain water, I had to use my facial cleanser which is a plus for me…sweat proof is always a great thing.
I think for the price its worth it,however i will give you another review in a few weeks,but as my first impression I like it. I will be adding the darker foundations to my kit and will even buy them to have for my two daughters as well.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Halloween 2k16 Collection


Hi Beauties its that time again…fall and of course Halloween. Wet n Wild has debuted their yearly Halloween fantasy collection and its popping up at stores like Rite Aid and Walgreens. So far in my area my Rite Aid has them. So since i don’t do fx makeup..yet..i decided to get two out of the four lipsticks that was in the collection. So if you are not familiar with the collection, Wet n Wild puts out every year an affordable fx like collection with limited edition lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, etc. Each store has different items. I’m waiting on glitter myself hopefully there will be a red i got two diys to do.
The two lipsticks are again two out of the four i picked up. They were a $1.99 each. I think i got a discount at my rite aid because Wet n Wild is on sale at the moment.
The purple is a matte metallic lavender purple and the brown is a ’90ish creamy lipstick. I can’t wait to debute a look with them both.